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Q: Not enough English schools in Hong Kong? A: Yes, according to a small group of protesters of South Asian original,mainly Nepalis, who had marched through central Hong Kong demanding more schooling in the English language. They say they are losing out on examination results and chances to go to university because they are forced to go to classes conducted in Chinese. The government says it is doing its best to fulfill its legal obligation to provide free access to education for all Hong Kong people, but legislators and activists supporting the many ethnic minorities making up Hong Kong say the push toward more Chinese language in schools and elsewhere is only increasing. 问:香港的英文学校不足? 答:是的。一小批南亚族裔(主要是尼泊尔人)的抗议者日前就在香港中环游行,要求开设更多英文学校。他们表示,由于不得不去中文学校就读,他们的考试成绩和上大学的机会都处于劣势。政府表示正在尽全力履行其法律义务,让全体港人都能享受免费教育。可是一些主张香港应该包容更多少数族裔的立法者及激进人士却声称,在学校及其他地方推广中文的现象是有增无减。

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