Prepositions deformation

In English preposition belongs to functional words, which only play the connection role in grammar relations. Here are three types for this kind of word: Single preposition like “about”, Composite preposition like “inside” and Phrase preposition like “according to”. These words could not be used separately and should be put with the nouns or verbs and other words. However, there are few prepositions in Chinese, so there are many deformations during Chinese translation. During translation, we will treat the preposition into preposition, verbs and conjunction Preposition---Preposition For these kind of words, it should be not changed in Chinese because there are the corresponding ones in Chinese. For example: We should be responsible for our students. 我们要学生负责。 You must try to hold the tool as I do. 你必须试着我这样拿着这个工具 After having been discussed the report was published. 这份报告在讨论完之后就发表了。 With the increase of pressure the molecules get closer and closer. 随着压强的增加,分子越来越接近。 The pressure causes the ice to melt at a temperature slightly blow 0 ℃ 加压能使冰低于零度的温度下融化。 Preposition---Verbs Only those prepositions which are followed the words has the meaning of verbs should be treated verbs during translation. Take some sentences for example: These people are only after fame and position. 这些人只是在追求名誉和地位。 This explanation is against the natural laws. 这种解释是违反自然规律的。 To do this is quite beyond our power. 办这事完全超出了我们的能力。 Light comes in through the window. 光线透过窗户进来。 Chemical changes have made a great many plants into coal, oil and gas. 化学变化使得大量植物变成煤、石油和煤气。 Preposition---Conjunction It refers to those prepositions which could be played the conjunction role in the sentences. With such knowledge and experience, he is sure to succeed. 由于这样的知识和经验, 他一定会成功。 The insulant was burned for overheating. 绝缘材料过热而被烧毁。 We can do nothing without energy. 如果没有能量,我们什么也做不了。 The accident resulted from David’s carelessness. 这事故是由于大卫不小心才造成的。 I felt guilty about leaving without saying goodbye. 我不辞而别感到内疚。

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