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Personification is also an important rhetoric way. We use the words which describe people’s words to apply the article’s words。 For example: The night, like some great loving mother, gently lays her hand at our fevered head, and turns our little tear-stained face up to hers, and smiles, and, though she does not speak, we know that she would say and lay our hot, flushed cheek against her bosom and the pain is gone. 夜像一个慈祥伟大的母亲,轻轻地把她的手放在我们发烫的额头上,把我们沾满泪水的小脸扭向她的面孔,微笑着,虽然她不说话,但我们知道她会说什么。她把我们烧得发烫的面颊靠在她的胸上,疼痛也就消失了。 The moon rose from behind the copse, nearly full and the two lights struggled till moonlight conquered, changing the color and quality of all the garden, stealing along the flagstones reaching their feet, climbing up, changing their faces. 快要圆了的月亮从矮树丛后升起,月光和薄暮互相争辉,最后月光胜利了,它改变了整个花园的面貌和气氛,月光偷偷地沿着石板路来到他们的脚旁,渐渐地往上爬,使他们的脸上起了变化。 The one in the brown suit gaped at her. Blue suit grinned, might even have winked. But big nose in the grey suit still stared and he had small angry eyes and did not even smile. 穿棕色衣服的人目瞪口呆地盯着她,蓝衣服笑着,甚至还使了个颜色。但是穿灰衣服的大鼻子仍然凝视着,他长着一双红肿的小眼睛,脸上没有笑容。

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