New-Tech: WiFi Signal Can Treat a Disease

【新科技】 Wifi信号能治病

New-Tech: WiFi Signal Can Treat a Disease

W020130801395425505986 研究者已经开发了一种运用无线信号激活人体中电子植入物来消除细菌感染的方法。 Researchers have developed a method to activate electronic implants in the body and eliminate bacterial infections using a wireless signal. 当通过远程技术触发时,那个小装置就向被感染的组织传递热量。 When triggered by remote technology, the gadget delivers heat to infected tissue. 一旦按下按钮,它就能够通向保证药物和治疗传递给病人的技术。 And it could lead to technologies that enable drugs and treatment to be delivered to patients at the press of a button. 这种技术是由美国马萨诸塞州的塔夫茨大学和伊利诺斯大学的研究者开发的。 The technology was developed by researchers at Tufts University in Massachusetts and the University of Illinois. 当信号发出,小白鼠体内的电子植入物就通过加热来治疗被葡萄球菌感染的组织,这种被感染的组织可能会引发轻微的皮肤脓肿或者威胁生命的血液感染。 Mice were given electronic implants that,when a signal was sent, heated up to treat tissue that was infected with staphylococcus, or staph, which can cause minor skin abscesses orlife-threatening infections of the blood. 在治疗之后24小时内从小白鼠身上收集到的组织已经没有感染的迹象了。这个装置在15天内自动降解,这也证明它不仅能够治疗感染,同时也是很容易处理的。 Tissues collected from the mice 24 hours after treatment showed no sign of the infection, while the device dissolved in 15 days, proving it can not only treat infections but also be disposed of easily. 这个同时也消除了大肠杆菌的研究被发表在美国国家科学院的会刊上。 The research, which also eliminated E. colibacteria, was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 每个设备都是由丝和镁制成,在实验结束后会自动降解,对动物的身体没有伤害。 Each device, made of silk and magnesium,harmlessly dissolved in the animals after the tests. 植入物中的加热设备有一个电阻器和一个电力接收线圈,线圈是由镁制成的,而镁的外表又包裹了一层丝,这样既保证了安全又控制了其降解的时间。 The heating device in the implants has are sistor and power-receiving coil made of magnesium, and the magnesium is wrapped in 'packet' of silk, keeping it safe and controlling its dissolution time. 这个装置的自动降解能力是十分重要的,因为这意味着这种植入物不会再需要另外移除。 The ability of the device to dissolve is important, as it means such implants would not need to be removed. 植入式医疗设备通常使用的都是不可降解的材料,它们的的使用寿命有限,而且最终必须移除或者重置。 Implantable medical devices normally use non-degradable materials that have limited operational lifetimes and must eventually be removed or replaced. 但是这些新式的无线治疗设备可以处理手术过程,而且能够根据需求时间在几分钟或者几周内自动降解。 But these new wireless the rapy devices can handle the surgical process, and can then dissolve in minutes or weeks,depending on the time needed. 资深作家菲奥伦佐·澳门托——塔夫茨大学工程学院生物医学工程的教授说道:“对于需求式医疗设备的发展,这是重要的一步进展。需求式医疗设备能够在病人身上远程操作治疗功能,而且治疗完成后能够安全降解,不需要再取出来。” "This is an important demonstration step forward for the development of on-demand medical devices that can be turned on remotely to perform a the rapeutic function in a patient and then safely disappear after their use, requiring no retrieval," said senior author Fiorenzo Omenetto, professor of biomedical engineering at Tufts School of Engineering. “比如,这些无线战略可有助于处理术后感染或者为最终的无线药物传输铺平道路”。 "These wireless strategies could help manage post-surgical infection, for example, or pave the way for eventual Wi-Fidrug delivery." 来源:沪江英语

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