Luo Yonghao: All the Odds Are in My Favor

Luo Yonghao 记者:你是一个教英语的老师,怎么会认为自己有能力做手机呢? Reporter: As an English teacher, how do you think you have the ability to make cellphones? 罗永浩:我从开老罗英语培训第一天就不开心,但得为投资人负责。扛了两年,有天从财务那儿知道我们赚钱了,我当场就不想干了。 Luo: Though I was unhappy since the founding of Laoluo English Training, I had to be responsible to the investors. So I struggled for two years until I got the news from the finance department someday that we made a profit. At that time, I wanted to quit the job. 我喜欢苹果,如果能做一个苹果这样的企业,死而无憾;另外我也喜欢宜家,能做个宜家这样的企业也挺过瘾的。做宜家这样的企业我没有任何优势和把握。对数码产品我是很狂热的,这个行业唯一的聪明人(指乔布斯)又刚好死了,我觉得胜算还是很大的,所以我想做一个苹果这样的企业。 I like Apple, so if I can run a company like Apple, I have nothing to regret even if I die; I also like IKEA, so it’s interesting to have an enterprise like IKEA, but I have no strength and confidence. Due to my passion for digital products and the death of the only smart person in this industry (Steve Jobs), I think all the odds are in my favor, so I choose to establish a company like Apple. 记者:你似乎认为乔布斯和苹果是可学可复制的? Reporter: Do you seem to think that we can learn from Steve Jobs and Apple, and make a success like them? 罗永浩:乔布斯其实就是个文艺青年。如果你把他作为企业领袖,你会觉得他很出格。但如果你把他理解为文艺青年,美国那一代文青几乎都这样。 Luo: Actually, Steve Jobs is an arty person. If you read him from the point of a business leader, you will find him unconventional, but from the point of an arty person, he behaves normally because almost all arty persons in his generation do so. 他最大的特殊,就是他有兴趣并且有能力去运作一个企业,而绝大部分文青是没有这个能力和兴趣的。 What’s unique about him is that he has an interest and the ability that the vast majority of arty persons don’t have to operate a business. 记者:你喜欢什么样的人跟着你做产品? Reporter: What kind of people do you like to follow you to make products? 罗永浩:做产品主要看天赋,这个要占到百分之六七十。然后,他做什么东西都应该有追求极致和完美的性格,我喜欢有强迫症的人。 Luo: It depends on the talents that should account for 60%-70% of all the qualities. Besides, he should have a personality of pursuing the best and perfection. I like someone who has obsessive-compulsive disorder. 另外,他必须能自如地切换专家模式和傻瓜模式。比如说,我们在设计人机交互的时候,不仅要他自己弄懂了、舒服了,还要考虑他二姨、三姑这种数码白痴看到是什么反应,在没去测试之前就要知道。 In addition, he must be able to freely switch the expert mode and automotive running mode. For example, when we design the man-machine interaction programs, his clear understanding about it is not enough, and he should consider what reactions those who know nothing about digital products have, which must be found out before testing. 记者:高中退学的经历对你有影响吗? Reporter: Do you suffer the influence resulted from your experience of dropping out of high school? 罗永浩:我比较蔑视规则,尤其是不合理的规则。但是,我也会去承担违背规则后的责任。 Luo: I have a contempt for the rules, especially the unreasonable ones. But I will take the responsibility behind these rules. 记者:退学之后,你是怎么继续学习的? Reporter: How do you continue to learn after leaving school? 罗永浩:就是读书。我年轻时候看书很厉害,两天一本的速度,一年看个一两百本没有问题的。年轻时主要看文学作品,三十岁后主要看非虚构类读物。创业后就主要看商业类书籍,营销的、做产品的,只要工作需要我都会看的。但现在看得少了,一个月一本恐怕都看不完。 Luo: Through reading. I had an amazing reading record when I was young, two books one day. So it’s easy to read 100 or 200 books a year. At that time, my interests are mainly in literary works. After 30, I read non-fiction books. Then after starting a business, I change to commercial books about marketing and making products, and any ones required by the job. But now, the quantity declines too much. I am afraid that I can’t finish reading one book even though I take one month now. From: The Iheima Translated by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd. In case of any mistakes, queries or advice, please send emails to Many thanks!

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