Introduction on Lean Six Sigma

Key to Improvement 改善的关键点 If we cannot express what we know in numbers, we don’t know much about it. 对于了解的内容,如果我们做不到数据量化,这表明我们对此仍知之甚少。 If we don’t know much about it, we cannot control it. 如果我们了解不够,就无法进行控制。 If we cannot control it, we are at the mercy of chance. 如果无法进行控制,就只能听天由命了。 Process Average is important... 过程均值相当重要...... …but Process Variation can be the killer ......但过程变异可能遭致灭顶之灾 What is a Sigma? 什么是西格玛? “Sigma” (Standard deviation) is a measure of variation. “西格玛”(标准差)为一种变异度量。 Plus or minus one standard deviation around the mean is about 68% of the total process output. 平均值加减一个标准差 约为总过程输出的 68%。 What does “Six Sigma” mean? 什么是“六西格玛“? How can we achieve Six Sigma? 如何实现六西格玛管理? Note: Long term variation statistics used (with ±1.5s shift) 注: 采用长期变异统计 (±1.5s 漂移) Benchmarking 标杆分析 Cost of Poor Quality as a % of revenue 劣质产品引起损失相当于收入打折

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