IBM’s Rebirth from Purchasing Lufthansa’s IT Infrastructure Services


IBM’s Rebirth from Purchasing Lufthansa’s IT Infrastructure Services

10月23日德国汉莎航空公司(Lufthansa)表示,作为公司重组计划的一部分,将把旗下IT基础设施部门出售给IBM,其中包括服务外包协议。 CPU Channel, October 23:Lufthansa said today that they would sell it's IT Infrastructure Services to IBM as a part of corporate reorganization plan, including a service outsourcing agreement. 基于营收,汉莎航空公司是欧洲最大航空公司。目前,汉莎航空公司正在进行重组,削减成本,从而与一些低成本航空公司更好地竞争。 As the biggest airline in Europe in terms of revenue, Lufthansa currently is under going reorganization and cost cutting so as to compete better with some low-cost airlines. 汉莎航空公司的IT基础设施部门业务包括数据中心、网络和电话等业务,该部门需要进行大量的高密度投资,而这是汉莎航空公司所无法承受的,因此汉莎航空公司今年年初就曾表示,正在为该部门寻找买家。 The business of Lufthansa’s IT Infrastructure Services includes data centre, network, telephone service and etc. Since the massivehigh-density investment is unaffordable to Lufthansa, Lufthansa had indicated earlier this year that they were looking for a buyer for the division. 根据双方目前达成的初步协议,汉莎航空公司将所有的IT基础设施服务外包给IBM,为期7年。同时,由IBM接管汉莎航空公司的IT基础设施部门。 According to the present preliminary agreement,Lufthansa will outsource all IT infrastructure services to IBM for 7 years. Meanwhile, IBM will take over it's IT Infrastructure Services. IBM业绩低迷 就在两天前,IBM刚刚发布了截至9月30日的2014年第三季度财报。营收为224亿美元,同比下滑4%。净利润为1800万美元,同比下滑99.6%。 IBM has undergone poor performance Just two days ago, IBM released the Q3 financial report up to September 30, 2014. As shown in the report,the revenue and net profit are 22.4 billion and 18 million USD, falling by 4% and 99.6% on a year-on-year basis respectively. IBM表示,第三季度业绩之所以低迷,主要是因为宏观经济低迷导致消费者停止购买新服务,以及客户对新技术的需求快速转向基于互联网的服务。 IBM explained the poor performance in Q3 in mainly due to the depressed macro economy which has led consumers to stop buying new services and shift their demands for new technologies quickly to Internet-based services. 汉莎航空公司表示,这笔交易将为公司带来2.4亿欧元的一次性税前费用,但这不会影响到2014年运营业绩。该部门出售给IBM后,每年可为汉莎航空公司节省约7000万欧元的IT成本。 As indicated by Lufthansa, this transaction will bring the company a nonrecurring pre-tax expense of 240 million Euros. But it will not affect it's operating results of 2014. After selling this division to IBM, Lufthansa will obtain a saving of 70 million Euros per year in IT costs. IT基础设施部门隶属于汉莎航空公司系统部门(Lufthansa Systems),汉莎航空公司计划将系统部门重组为三部分:基础设施航空解决方案行业解决方案。出售基础设施部门后,汉莎航空公司将保留后两项业务。 The IT Infrastructure Services isaffiliated to Lufthansa Systems which, in Lufthansa’s plan, will be reorganizedinto three divisions: Infrastructure Services, Aviation Solutions and Industry Solutions.Lufthansa will keep the latter two businesses after selling the Infrastructure Services. 汉莎航空公司基础设施部门拥有1400名员工,占汉莎航空公司系统部门整体营收(约合8.834亿美元)的40%,但所占利润比仅为25%。汉莎航空公司系统部门重组将于2015年第一季度完成,而基础设施部门交易预计将于2015年3月31日完成。除了IBM,惠普和法国IT服务公司Atos也对该部门感兴趣。 The 1400-staffed Infrastructure Services division provides 40% of Lufthansa Systems’ overall revenue (about 883.4million USD), but only 25% of its overall profit.The reorganization of Lufthansa Systems will be finished in Q1 of 2015, and the selling of Infrastructure Services is expected to be completed in March 31, 2015.Except for IBM, HP and Atos, an IT service company from France, also show interest in purchasing this division. 翻译:Elodie,昆仲科技有限公司 编辑:Steve 参考来源:泡泡网CPU频道

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