Guide the Chinese farmers to the cities

引导农民向城市转移 Guide the farmers to the cities 中国有13亿人口,农民占了9亿多。 There are 1.3 billion people in China, 0.9 billon of which are farmers. 尽管农村社会在进一步分化,但农村人口却没有减少,反而在增加。 Though countryside society is differentiating future, the population in countryside is not decreasing, but increasing. 据中国社科院调查,与1978年相比,1999年农民增加了800多万人。 According to the survey conducted by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the population of farmers is increased 8 million compared to that of 1978. 一份研究报告指出,“没有城市化的发展,农村、的农业和农民的问题也不可能得到有效解决。 A study report points out that “the problems related to countryside, agriculture and farmers can not solved efficiently without the development of urbanization” 过去人们常讲,农民问题归根到底是土地问题,这个问题已经基本解决了。现在的农民问题是就业问题。” People always used to say the problem related to farmers is land problem which is solved basically. Now it lies in the employment issues. 因此,调整城乡社会结构,加快城市化的步伐,改变城市化严重滞后于工业化的状况,应是当务之急。 Therefore, it is urgently required to adjust the social construction in countryside and city, accelerate urbanization and change the condition that urbanization far lag behind industrialization. 一些经济学家估计,到 2005 年,中国农村剩余劳动力将上升至两亿人,这一庞大人口需要城市来吸纳。 Some economist estimated that the surplus labors in countryside will rocket to 0.2 billion in 2005, while such large population shall be accepted by the cities. 转移庞大的农村人口,仅靠大城市显然是远远不够的,因为大城市的就业压力普遍较重。 It is obviously not workable to immigrate large population totally to the big cities, as the employment pressure there is most heavy. 一些专家认为,农村人口转移的出路还是应以小城镇为主。 Some experts believe that the way out to shift countryside population shall focus on small towns. 城镇居民的生活支出、的子女的教育投入等都比农民高出许多,城镇提供的就业机会也远比农村多。 The living spending and education spending of children of city citizens are much more than farmers, the employment opportunities is the same case.

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