The First Computer of Steve Jobs was auctioned for 365 Thousand US Dollars



A fully operational Apple computer that company co-founder Steve Jobs sold out of his parents' garage in 1976 for $600 sold for $365,000 at Christie's on Thursday. 里基茨•苹果1个人计算机,是根据最初的主人查尔斯•里基茨的名字命名。拍卖行表示,这台电脑是有记载历史上乔布斯唯一直接卖给个人的电脑,并且还运行正常。当时的交易地点在乔布斯位于加州洛斯阿尔托斯的家中。 The Ricketts Apple-1 Personal Computer, named after its original owner Charles Ricketts, is the only known surviving Apple-1 documented as having been sold directly by Jobs to an individual from the Los Altos,California family home, according to the auction house. 佳士得预估这台电脑的拍卖价格为40万到60万美元之间,明显实际的拍卖价格要低一些。而在此前,亨利福特在十月份就以90万5千美金的价格拍走了同样一款电脑。苹果1电脑当时出厂了不到一百件,而如今尚存的不到50件。 The price fell shy of Christie's estimate of $400,000 to $600,000 and was far less than the $905,000 paid by the Henry Ford organization in October for one of the computers. Fewer than 50 original Apple-1s are believed to be inexistence of the few hundred originally produced. 来源:沪江英语

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