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Q: How was the Dow on Friday? A: US shares had a rocky session but ended slightly to the upside Friday afternoon as a robust jobs report was mostly overshadowed by lingering fears about the credit markets. After falling more than 120 points, the Dow Jones  Industrial Average rebounded to finish higher by 27.73 points, or 0.2%, to 13,595.10, and the S&P 500 gained 1.21 points, or 0.1%, to 1,509.65. The  Nasdaq Composite was up 15.55 points, or 0.6%, at 2,810.38. Earlier, a   sizable rebound appeared to be in order after the Labor Department's non-farm  payrolls report showed that the economy added 166,000 jobs last month, more  than doubling expectations. The report also said that the unemployment rate  remained unchanged at 4.7%. Average hourly earnings rose 0.2%, slightly below  consensus. The September and August data were revised to reflect 10,000 fewer   jobs created. 问:道指周五情况如何? 答:尽管就业报告强劲,但由于信贷市场担忧挥之不去,美股周五走势反复,收盘略有上涨。道琼斯工业平均指数一度跌逾120点,随后反身向上,收升27.23点,报13,595.10点,涨幅0.2%。标准普尔500指数上涨1.21点,报1,509.65点,涨幅0.1%。纳斯达克综合指数上涨15.55点,报2,810.38点,涨幅0.6%。早前,劳工部发布的非农就业数据显示上个月美国新增岗位达166,000个,为预期水平的两倍,大盘似乎应有大幅反弹。报告还显示,失业率企稳于4.7%。平均时薪上升0.2%,稍逊于市场普遍预测。经修正后,9月份及8月份新增10,000个岗位。 Q: What about crude? A: Crude futures closed at an all-time high Friday, energized by week-long   trading momentum, a strong US jobs report and the continuing takedown of the  greenback. December light sweet crude futures closed up US$2.44 to US$95.93 a  barrel at the New York Mercantile Exchange. Reformulated gasoline jumped 10 cents to US$2.44 a gallon, and heating oil was 6 cents higher at US$2.57 a gallon. While crude oils momentum has trended upward all week, the market has seen volatile swings in both directions, the likes of which some analysts say have never been seen before. On Wednesday alone, crude oil swung within a  US$5 range, topping out at US$96.24 in overnight trading Thursday. Helping boost crude prices was a Labor Department report that the economy added 166,000 new jobs in October. Since oil is considered a major feedstock for economic activity, crude prices tend to rise on signs of economic growth. Also relevant was the US dollar, which fell to a new all-time low of  US$1.4528 to the EUR. Because oil is denominated in USD, the price-per-barrel of crude oil rises when the value of the dollar falls. 问:原油走势如何? 答:周五原油期货收创新高,动力来自长达一周的增势、强劲的美国就业报告及美元的持续下滑。纽约商品交易所12月份的轻质甜油期货每桶上涨2.44美元,收于95.93美元。新配方汽油上涨10美分,报2.44美元/加仑;取暖用油上涨6美分,报2.57美元/加仑。原油升势已持续一周之久,但油价走势起伏不定,一些分析人士表示这种情况前所为见。单就周三而言,原油价格在5美元的区间内宽幅振荡,周四夜间却一举突破96.24美元。劳工部表示10月份新增166,000个岗位,该消息推动油价冲高。因为石油被视为经济活动的主要给料,面对经济增长的迹象,油价通常会有上涨。另一相关因素是美元——跌至1欧元兑1.4528美元,创历史新低。由于石油以美元计值,单桶原油价格会随美元贬值而上升。 问:汇市情况如何? 答:周五美元持续下滑,对欧元创历史新低,对英镑达致26年低位。面对美国上周的减息行动,信贷担忧笼罩市场,尽管美国就业数据强劲,亦未能扭转当前局势。就业数据录得五个月来的最大涨幅,10月份新增岗位达166,000个,但同期失业率为4.7%。纽约尾市欧元对美元一度攀至1.4530附近,日元几以平盘作收,报114.80。其他方面,加拿大失业率降至33年低位,加上美元疲弱,美元对加元跌至低位0.9330。



   答:周五原油期货收创新高,动力来自长达一周的增势、强劲的美国就业报告及美元的持续下滑。纽约商品交易所12月份的轻质甜油期货每桶上涨2.44美元,收于95.93美元。新配方汽油上涨10美分,报2.44美元/加仑;取暖用油上涨6美分,报2.57美元/加仑。原油升势已持续一周之久,但油价走势起伏不定,一些分析人士表示这种情况前所为见。单就周三而言,原油价格在5美元的区间内宽幅振荡,周四夜间却一举突破96.24美元。劳工部表示10月份新增166,000个岗位,该消息推动油价冲高。因为石油被视为经济活动的主要给料,面对经济增长的迹象,油价通常会有上涨。另一相关因素是美元——跌至1欧元兑1.4528美元,创历史新低。由于石油以美元计值,单桶原油价格会随美元贬值而上升。 Q: What about the forex markets? A: The USD continued to drop on Friday finishing the week at all time lows against the EUR and 26-year lows against the GBP. Strong US payroll data was  not enough to reverse the recent trend with the market continuing to focus on credit fears in the aftermath of last weeks reduction in U.S interest rates. Payrolls posted their largest gains in five months, increasing by 166,000 during the month of October which also coincided with a 4.7% nemployment  rate over the same period. The EUR peaked near 1.4530 against the USD in late  New York trade whilst the JPY finished relatively unchanged at 114.80. In other news the Canadian unemployment rate dropped to 33-year lows and coupled with the weakness in the USD, USD/CAD dropped to lows of 0.9330.




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