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Q: How did Wall Street close last Friday? A: Both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the broader S&P 500 hit new records last Friday, spurred by positive readings on job growth, manufacturing and inflation. The Dow gained 40.47 points to close at 13,668.11, having hit an all-time intra-day high of 13,691.43, while the S&P 500 was up 5.72 points to 1,536.34. The tech-laden Nasdaq ended at its highest point in six years, up 9.40 points to 2,613.92. Employers added a higher-than-expected number of jobs -157,000 - to their payrolls in May, after adding a downwardly revised 80,000 in April. The unemployment rate held steady at 4.5% while the average hourly earnings rose 0.3%, both in line with forecasts. The core PCE deflator, part of the personal income and spending report, rose a smaller-than-expected 0.1% in April. On the manufacturing front, the May ISM index rose to 55.0 from 54.7 in the previous month, versus forecasts for a fall. Q: A US$40 billion tax windfall for China? A: The Financial Times reported that if turnover on Chinas markets stays at the current levels, China will gain as much as US$40 billion from the tax increase on share trading that was announced last Wednesday. In a bid to apply some cooling pressure to China's hot stock market, the PRC government had tripled the stamp duty on stock trades to 0.3% from 0.1%. 问:华尔街上周五收盘情况如何? 答:因就业增长、制造业和通胀状况良好,道琼斯工业平均指数和范围较广的标准普尔500指数上周五收盘再创新高。道指盘中一 度触及13,691.43点的历史最高,收盘涨40.47点,报13,668.11点。标普500指数涨5.72点,收报1,536.34点。以科技股为主的纳斯达 克指数再创六年新高,涨9.40点,收报2,613.92点。5月份就业人数新增157,000人,较预期为佳。4月份新增就业人数经下调后为 80,000人。失业率稳定在4.5%,平均时薪提高0.3%,二者均符合预期。作为个人收入与开支报告的内容之一,4月份核心个人消费开支 平减指数上升0.1%,比预期来得低。制造业方面,5月份ISM指数由上月的54.7,上升至55.0,而原先预测这一指数将会录得跌幅。 问:中国要开征400亿美元的股市暴利税? 答:《金融时报》报道,如果中国股市的交易额保持在当前水平,中国将从上周三宣布的调高股票交易税中获得多达400亿美元的 税收。为给本国过热的股市降温,中国政府将股票交易印花税从0.1%提高到0.3%,增加了三倍。

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