Few regulations about the written of numeric

During the translation (Chinese to English) or writing of English, it always related to the numeric. And we should distinguish when we must translate the numeric with word and when translate with Arabic number. It is difficult to define and it’s reference is very little in current grammar books. As a matter of fact, in English –speaking countries, there are some regulations about numeric’s writing by convention. Therefore see the regulations summarized below for reference. 1. In some countries such as England and America, their publisher follow a regulations when typesetting, the regulation is: the numeric range from 1 to 10 is written in word and more than 10 is written in Arabic number (sometimes make 100 as boundary), we can also use the regulation as a reference. Eg. That table measures ten feet by five. 那个工作台的长度为10英尺,宽为5英尺。 Eg. The traditional pattern of classroom experience at the college level brings the professor and a group of 20 to 30 students together for a 45-to-50-minute class session two or three times a week. 大学课堂的传统的教学方式是,一个教授和二三十名学生每周见面是两三次,每次授课时间45到50分钟。 2. Use Arabic number to express the number of people will become concise and clear, but indeterminate amount and approximate value must be written in word to make appropriately. Eg. There were 2000 people presented at the meeting. 有2000人出席了该会议。 Eg. Nearly forty thousand people took part in this meeting. 近4万人参加了这次会议。 Eg. About two hundred students took part in the volunteer activity. 大约有200名学生参加了这次志愿活动。 3. Some special numbers such as date、percentage and the numeric which is attaching units are always written in Arabic number. Eg. Maximum swivel of table is l20. 工作台的最大旋转角度是120度。 Eg. 3rd May 2011或3 May 2011 2011年5月3日 You can enjoy a discount of 10 percent。 您可以享受10%的折扣。 In the case of indeterminate amount, it can be written in word will more proper. Eg. The speed of the bike is about five miles per hour. 该自行车的速度为每小时大约5英里。 Eg. It is at least ten yards away. 至少有10码远。 Eg. He hesitated for a moment or two to this suggestion. 他对此提议犹豫了片刻。 Eg. I have warned you a hundred times。 我已经警告过你多少遍了。

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