English Basic Sentences and Translation

As we all know, structure is very important in English sentence, which is different from Chinese. In English, predicate verb is the center of sentence. There are five basic sentences. Let’s learn these basic sentences and English-Chinese translation. I. S + Vi She gets up late in the morning. 她早晨起得很晚。 He has left. 他已经走了。 II. S + Vt. + O I am writing a blog. 我正在写博客。 I have finished my translation task. 我已完成了翻译任务。 III. S + V with double Os + indirect O + direct O She gave me a heavy gift. 她给了我一个很贵重的礼物。 I asked her what she did last night. 我问她昨晚干什么了。 IV. S + Be Verb + Predictive Her son is very handsome. 她儿子很英俊。 The dish is delicious. 这菜很好吃。 V. S + Vt + Compound O She advised me to find another boyfriend. 她建议我再找一个男朋友。 I saw him enter that advertisement company. 我看见他进了那家广告公司。 Practical examples analysis: 1. 星星之火可以燎原。 This sentence seems complex. Here, word for word translation should be avoided. Let’s analyze it. In fact, we can deal with it by S + Vt. + O sentence. Reference translation A single spark can start a prairie fire. 2. 他们选了黄博士来做这所大学的校长。 For this Chinese sentence, we can translate it to English by use of S + Vt + O Refrence translation They made Doctor Huang the president of the University. Exercises: 1. 臭豆腐难闻但好吃。 2. 事情并不像看上去那么简单。 3. 忽略女性对社会的作用是极端错误的。 4. 我一直闹不明白自己怎么就失败了。 5. 她做错了事这是一个事实,是无法否认的。

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