Chinese accent when speaking English

Yesterday, I watched a talk show made by a student studying abroad, he pointed out the Chinese accent in a funny way when Chinese people speak English. After I laughed, then think deeply, I found there is an issue which need us ponder over. That is the “accent” problem, there are many jokes satirized Chinese people speaking English on internet. "Accent" is a pronunciation habit affected by geographical and social environment. Sometimes, we can tell the speaker’s nation from their accent. In fact, English has more than "several countries", there are British English, American English, Australian English, Canadian English, Nigerian English, South African English, Indian English, and so on. Even in the United Kingdom, the native citizens also have many accents, British can identify one’s growth place, or even social class according to their accent quickly. Language is a communication tool, to achieve the purpose of communication. There is no need for us to shame for having the Chinese grammar problem or Chinese accent. One’s English level depends on needs, such as vocabulary, if you need much in your work and life, you will remember more, and vice versa. Actually, when Americans speak Chinese, they will also make American-style grammatical errors and have American accent. I think if one is not work as a professional interpreter,and  as long as you can make others understand your meaning when communicating, and take it easy, express yourself freely, which will be enough.

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