A Group of Synonyms

For one meaning, there are usually many synonyms.Which word should we choose for a certain context? This depends on a few elements, such as the usage, collocation, suggestion, hint, and even implication of the words. Below are some suggestions of a goup of synonyms, advance, progress, and proceed. Advance suggests a person or thing moving toward a definite destination, emphasizing the destination. It can be applied to development of a person or thing toward a definite goal.Progress suggests steady and irreversible movement toward a definite goal with an emphasis on the steadiness and irreversibleness. It can be applied to abstract things. Proceed suggests moving from a point to the next one toward a definite place,especially that resumed after a pause. Examples are as follows. The mob advanced on us shouting angrily./ He advanced his queen to threat his opponent’s king./ He advanced to meet the guest./The troops advanced toward the front.//The work is progressing steadily/ In some way, civilization did not seem to have progressed much in the last century.//Let us proceed to the next item on the agenda. /Having said how much she liked it, she then proceeded to criticise the way I’ve done it.

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