A brief summary after proofreading

I am lucky to have the opportunity to proofread the translation related to CAD.
The task needed to be proofreaded is in the form of Word, Excel, Ppt and Web page.
I always proofread completed translation very carefully. Consult Help Documents or Google when necessary or in doubt. So far there are several error types, Let me just list a few.
1. Mistranslation and missing translation, this accounts for 5% of total errors.
For example,
The original sentence : “we target a specific class of executives”
The wrong translation : “我们的目标群体是具体一类主管人员”
The right translation should be : “我们的目标群体是某类特定的主管人员”.
We should put an end to this simple mistake by reading the article once more.
Another instance is:
The original text : “Select Station Tracker > All Viewports from the Analyze Panel of the Section Editor tab’’.
This was wrongly translated as “ from the Analyze Panel of the从 Section Editor(截面编辑器)中 Analyze(分析)面板中选择 Station Tracker(里程跟踪器) > All Viewports(所有视口)” ,
Its right translation should be: ”从 Section Editor(截面编辑器)选项卡的 Analyze(分析)面板中选择 Station Tracker(里程跟踪器) > All Viewports(所有视口)”
You just need view your text again after translation, just a single view, that errors will be found.
2. The misuse of blank space accounts for 60% of total errors.
whether we use the blank space between or beside the two tags depends on the contents in between, if there are only Chinese character between or next to the tags, no blank space is needed between or beside the two tags; if there are English or numbers between or next to the tags, things are different, let me list the actual examples as following:
Original: These two editions are:
False: 这 两种 版本是:
True: 这两种版本是:
Original: Use Match lane slopes and pecify Default slopes.
False: 使用 Match lane slopes ,指定 Default slopes 。
True: 使用 Match lane slopes,指定 Default slopes。
False: AutoCAD®Map 3D 2012
True: AutoCAD® Map 3D 2012
The tags in the examples can not be displayed here.
The above are all the living example during the proofreading, maybe some one is quite familiar with them, please correct these mistakes if you have made any and guard against them if you have not. I hope these examples could be of any help for you.
To be continued.

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