The After 90s Should Remember These Words: the Life Experience of Our Parents.


你知道得越多,做得越好。年轻的时候,很难把事情做得很好,因为你知道得不够多。要想知道到底什么最适合自己,就需要多年不同的经验积累和不断地从错误中学习。这就是为什么人们总是说,越老越智慧。智慧往往需要经过时间的积淀。 When you know more, you do better. When you're young, it's hard to do better when you don't know better. It takes years of mistakes and different experiences for people to really know what's best for them. That's why you always hear people talk about getting older and wiser — wisdom generally comes with the passage of time. 1.善待他人:信守承诺,善待他人。从长远来看,培养人际关系就是一切。      1. Be Good to Others: Keeping your word, being kind to others, and nurturing relationships is everything in the long run. 2.进步的意义:接受任务,完美应对,这就是进步。 2. What Progress Means: Taking on a task and creating the best solution you can is progress. 3.诚实最重要:对所有人都讲真话。把诚实作为自己的目标。      3. Honesty Is the Best Policy: Tell the truth to everybody. Make personal integrity your mission. 4.不断成长:不要停止思考,学无止境。发现你感兴趣的事情,不断尝试新鲜事物。舒适区无异于一座监狱。 4. Don't Stop Your Growth: Don't stop thinking and keep on learning. Find things you're passionate about. Try new things constantly. Comfort zones are the same as a jail cell. 5.向强者学习:和你尊敬的年长者打交道,问问他们是否愿意当你的导师。你会有惊喜的。       5. Learn From the Best: Approach older people you admire and ask them if they would agree to be your mentors. You'd be surprised. 6.你值得拥有:你觉得自己有多少价值,你就有多少价值。   6. You're Worth It: You are worth as much as you think you are. 7.现实点:不要给自己或别人定下不切实际的目标。努力让期望变得明确些。       7. Be Realistic: Don't set unrealistic expectations for others or yourself andwork to ensure expectations are clear. 8.时间是把杀猪刀:承认吧,25岁的你和45岁的你是不一样的。    8. A Different Person: Realize you will be a very different person when you're 45 than you were at 25. 9.竭尽全力:要让每件写有你名字的事情都做到最好,从中能看出你是什么样的人。   9. Do Your Best: Be sure any work you produce with your name on it is the best you've got; it's a reflection of who you are. 10.生命只有一次:不要推迟那些疯狂的计划。 10. You Only Live Once: Don't put off plans to do something crazy. 11.做自己:别让别人的期望来决定你是谁。 11. Be Yourself: Don't let the expectations of others define you. 12.记住人名:记住别人的名字,每次和他们说话的时候,都要叫他们的名字。     12. Remember Names: Learn people's names and use them often when you talk tothem. 13.谨言慎行:在你不信任或者不熟悉的人面前,闭上嘴。 13. Be Cautious: Keep your mouth shut around anyone you don't trust or know. 14.勇敢一点:当你害怕的时候,不要忘了,其他人也跟你一样害怕。 14. Be Brave: When something scares you, don't forget: everyone else is just asscared as you are. 15.不后悔:不要让后悔伴你一生。生活能让你学到一切,而坏事往往能让你学到最多。 15. No Regrets: Don't live with regrets. You can learn from everything that happens in your life and you often learn the most from the bad things. 来源:沪江英语

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