7 Technologies to be Realized in Next 50 Years

Technologies 1964 年,美国电气与电子工程学会 IEEE 杂志《IEEE Spectrum》刚成立时,一些预想家就曾预测过 50 年后的科技走势,如今,这一切都发生了。现在又有一批预想家预测了未来50年的科技发展趋势。 In 1964 when IEEE’s magazine IEEE Spectrum is founded, some scientists predicted the trends of science and technology in 50 years and now all predictions are realized. Currently , some scientists also predicted the scientific development in next 50 years.

1. 仿生人技术 1. Bionics 50 年后,全球将不再有残疾人,因为我们可以用仿生人技术来“修复”解决残疾问题。这一技术可仿生出人类的耳朵、心脏、手、脚等器官。世界上首个仿生人 Rex 目前已被制造出来,不过 Rex 也引起了关于社会伦理道德方面的争议。 After 50 years, we will end disability by becoming cyborgs. The bionic technology can be used to make bionic body organs like ears, hearts, hands legs. The first bionic man in the world, named Rex, has been manufactured but he also arouses controversy on social ethics and moral.

2. 机器人自我复制 2. Robot Self-cloning 机器人自我复制的理论最早出现于 1949 年,由数学家冯·诺依曼提出,他还展示了一台机器如何实现自我复制。而可以自我复制的机器人将是人类探索外太空最理想的方式。 The robot self-cloning theory was proposed by the mathematician Von Neumann as early as 1949 and he also demonstrated how a robot cloned itself. The robots able to self-clone will be the most ideal tool to explore the outer space.

3. 无人驾驶汽车 3. Self-driving Vehicles 未来 50 年内,无人驾驶汽车将成为主流趋势,这些汽车会有自己的判断能力,并能改变我们的生活、工作和城市。到 2024 年,无人驾驶汽车会是一门选修科目,到 2044 年将成为必修课。 Within next 50 years, the self-driving vehicle will be the mainstream. These vehicles are capable of judging and will change our life, work and cities. By 2024, the self-driving vehicle will be an elective subject and by 2044, it will be a required subject.

4. 机器人变佣人 4. Robot Servants 未来机器人会比较娇小,能够独立完成一些家务活。如:用微波炉、拖地等。机器人的制造成本会越来越低,未来这些机器人有望和现在的计算机或手机一样普及,不再只面向高端消费者。 Future robot will be petite and can independently do some housework such as using microwave oven and mopping. The manufacturing cost of robots will be increasingly reduced and in the future, robots will be popularized as computers or mobile phones rather than only oriented to high-end consumers.

5. 可穿戴计算机 5. Wearable Computers 可穿戴计算机最初被运用在赌场里,希望得到信息并在赌局中获胜。这说明,人们已经不满足于将计算机只局限在桌面上工作。可穿戴计算机是人机合一的产物,它们将可以增强人的能力、感知,使人拥有“三头六臂”的本领。 Wearable computers were initially used in casino to get information to win in gambling. This indicates that people have not been content to use computers on desk. The wearable computer is a man-machine product to improve people’s ability and perception and enable people to have superhuman powers.

6. 家庭电厂 6. Household Power Plant 在科技发展下,类似太阳能的设备将能够让家庭或个人生产和共享电力。 With the scientific development, equipment similar to solar cells will enable households and individuals to produce and share electricity.

7. 数字演员 7. Digital Actors 在电影和数码领域,由于恐怖谷理论的影响,使数字替身只能在某个瞬间取代人类演员。而在下一个十年,图形处理器所模拟出来的数字演员将出现在人类参演的电影中,为我们打造一种全新的娱乐方式。 In movie and digital fields, due to the influence of the uncanny valley, digital double can only substitute human actors in certain moment. While in next decade, digital actors simulated by graphics processor will appear in movies starred by humans, creating a brand new form of entertainment.

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