The 2014 Salon of TAC Translation Services Committee held in Beijing

2 11月27日下午,2014中国译协翻译服务委员会沙龙在京举行,此次沙龙的主要议题是研究翻译服务委员会明年和未来几年的工作及行业发展思路。中国译协第一常务副会长兼翻译服务委员会主任郭晓勇,中国译协副会长兼翻译服务委员会常务副主任林国夫主持沙龙。来自中国译协、中译公司、四川语言桥、济南双泽、中国船舶重工、百通思达、东方君泰、思必锐、中央编译局、北京世纪同文等企事业单位的近20名代表参加本次会议。 On the afternoon of November 27, the 2014 Salon of TAC Translation Services Committee was held in Beijing. Its main topic was the study on the work and industry development ideas of TAC Translation Services Committee in the next and future years. Guo Xiaoyong, the First Administrative Vice-chairman of TAC and Head of TAC Translation Services Committee, and Lin Guofu, the Vice-chairman of TAC and Administrative Deputy Head of TAC Translation Services Committee hosted the salon. About 20 representatives from TAC, China Translation & Publishing Corporation, Sichuan Lan-bridge, Jinan Sunther, CSIC, Petrostar, East-juntai, Spirit Translation, Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, Beijing Shiji Tongwen and other enterprises & public institutions attended the salon. 1 根据中国译协翻译服务委员会三届四次主任秘书长联席会议关于在各地翻译服务公司间开展业内沙龙交流活动的通知精神,推动各地翻译服务业的合作与发展,翻译服务委员会分别于2012年11月和2013年12月在京组织了两次沙龙活动,受到了业内的欢迎和支持。本次沙龙与会者在讨论中对翻译服务委员会2014年的工作,特别是编制《笔译服务报价规范》和《口译服务报价规范》,成功举办全国第九届翻译经营管理工作研讨会予以充分肯定,对本届委员会过去几年的工作做了简要梳理,对下届委员会工作提出了建议和希望。大家认为,在社团组织改革和语言服务业迅速发展的背景下,翻译服务委员会在行业调研、规范市场、制定行业标准规范、完善会员服务等方面应做出更多的努力。此次沙龙活动气氛热烈,与会代表畅所欲言,纷纷表示愿为我国翻译服务业的发展、为推动翻译服务委员会的工作做出应有的贡献。 According to the spirit of the Notice on Carrying out the Industry Exchange Activities in the Form of Salon among the translation service companies throughout the country determined in the Fourth Joint Meeting of the Third Director and Secretary-General Leadership of TAC Translation Services Committee and to promote cooperation and development in the translation service industry around the country, TAC Translation Services Committee organized two salon activities in Beijing respectively in November 2012 and December 2013, which had been welcomed and supported by the industry. Those salon participants highly appreciated the job done by TAC Translation Services Committee in 2014 during the discussion, especially the compilation work of Quotation Standards of Written Translation and Quotation Standards of Interpretation Services and the successful Ninth National Seminar on Translation Management Work. They also briefly reviewed the work by the current committee in the past years and raised recommendations and hope for the next committee. They believed that with the rapid development of social organization reform and language service, TAC Translation Services Committee should make more effort in the aspect of industry research, regulating the market, developing industry standards and improving service. This salon was full of warm atmosphere, and those representatives spoke out freely, saying that they would like to make their due share to developing our translation service industry and promoting the work of TAC Translation Services Committee.

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