It won’t be wrong to say that your website in the English language is not sufficient to convert global clients. You know why? Because, you need to communicate your core message effectively and that’s where you need translation services.

For getting the most out of translation, you need to know the most trending languages for business and that’s what we are here for!

Why You Need to Target Business Languages

Do you want to expand your business across borders? The key to business success is to communicate with your stakeholders in their language. There are many cultures and languages spoken around the world.

Every culture has a different language dialect that depicts the consumer behavior of the target audience. To penetrate foreign markets, it is important to know the cultural diversity and the language of the target market.

The research has revealed that people tend to buy those products that are in their native language. Although English is considered to be the language of business, due to globalization, you can enter the specific markets more effectively by speaking their native language.

Simply put, you need to have a multilingual approach to experience rapid growth in your business.

Digitalization and Useful Languages

Digitalization has also made it easy to contact customers in seconds, no matter in which part of the world you reside. If you are a new entrepreneur and want to expand your business globally then you can make it possible by translating your website in the most useful languages.

The next step is which language you want to choose for your global customers. For this, you need to have data to make a rational decision for your business. You need to know where your customers are coming from and which language is spoken in your potential market. If you have facts, then it will be easier for you to develop your global expansion strategy.

There is also a limitation in selecting the useful languages for business because the global business environment is very dynamic, and the languages you choose today might not be preferable in the future and there is also a possibility that more languages will be added in the list of most useful languages for business.

Business Languages

English is the lingua franca in the global business world. The other business languages are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, and German. These languages are spoken in top economies of the world that are importing and exporting the products globally.

For your successful business venture, you need to have a know-how of these languages. It is not possible to learn all the languages.

You can take the assistance of a professional translation company that will help you in dealing with multiple languages and assists in removing all communication barriers.

Useful Languages for Business

English is the top global business language, but the useful language for your business is the one that is spoken by your customers. For this reason, many global companies try to investigate consumer demographics and cultures.

It is very difficult to estimate the most useful languages for a business that will remain useful in the future but still, we are covering the ten important languages that are being used in the global business community. By using these languages, you will be able to speak the language of your customers and offer your products and services to global clients in an effective way.


English is a highly influential language of the business world and academia. It is spoken by over three-quarters of the world’s population that comprises 94 countries and 339 million native speakers.

It is also the official language of the United States and an official language of South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries.

It is considered an important part of business communication. In this era of digitalization, English is the most common language used on the internet with 949 million users approximately.

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is an emerging business language and it is native to 1.117 billion people. It is the official language of China. In China, middle-income Chinese consumers are increasing and the high volume of these people is also online consumers.

The Chinese market is one of the emerging markets of the world so you cannot forgo the Chinese language. It is the second most popular language on the internet.

The reason behind this trend is that China’s economy has shifted from national trade to international trade and it has indulged itself immensely in cross-border treaties and if this trend keeps on going then according to business analysts, China will become the world’s largest economy by 2050. Thus it is considered the most important language for business.


Spanish is one of the most useful languages because the USA that is considered the world’s largest economy has a large number of Spanish speaking people. The USA is cited as the second-largest Spanish speaking country. There are around 50 million Spanish speakers that are doing small and large businesses in the USA and they are from the Hispanic community.

It is estimated that by the end of 2050, the USA will be the largest Spanish speaking country. So if you are planning to target the USA market then Spanish should be in the list of most useful languages for business.


German is the official language of Germany which has made its name in the field of networking and technology and it is the strongest and stable economy in the European Union. Learning and speaking the German language provides a great advantage for people that want to pursue international business.

The German language is ranked fourth most influential language and it is native to 95 million native speakers. Germany is not only a country where people speak the German language. There are also other German-speaking countries like Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Austria, and Belgium.

German is such a useful language that can not only help in business expansion but it also increases wages up to 4%.


Portuguese is included in the 10 most spoken languages in the world and it is the second most spoken language in Latin America after Spanish. It is native to 215 million people in Brazil, Portugal, and Africa.

If you are a professional businessman then Brazil is a lucrative market to start a business. Portuguese is the largest economy in Asia due to its economic and diplomatic relations with Lusophone countries. If you want to enhance your business then selecting Portuguese is a rational decision for you.


Arabic is the official language of many Middle Eastern countries from where business opportunities continue to rise so if you are a business owner then Arabic is of great help to you. Arabic is native to 295 million speakers and it is the language of 28 dynamic and growing economies of Africa and the Middle East.

In the list of UK, stop 50 exporters, 6 Arabic speaking countries are surpassing Spain, Italy, and China. As per the British council, Arabic is the second most important language of the world.


French is the official language of over 29 countries and it is the second most spoken language in the European Union. The colonial history of France has spread the language in the modern world. It has created more non-native French speakers than native speakers.

The French language is widely spoken in Africa that is enriched in natural resources so it is the dominant language there. France is a great trade partner in the UK so this language is a very important language for doing business. Translate your business website into the French language and get easy access to the French market.


Another most useful language for business is the Japanese language. It is spoken by 130 million native and non-native speakers that are spread around the world. It is the sixth most used language on the internet. Japan is the second-largest investor in research and development and it is considered as the most innovative and technologically advanced nation of the world.

If you want to start your business in electronics and robotics then the Japanese language is the best option to start. Get your official website translated into the Japanese language and see how it goes.


Russian is a useful business language in central and eastern Europe and Russia. It is ranked as the 9th most influential language of the world and it is among the most used languages on the internet. The Russian language has a historic value and it is the official language of the United Nations.

Russian is an important business language because of its undeniable economic and political power. Russia has an enriched culture with large oil and gas reserves. It has a great market for real estate investment So Russian is a useful language to target. Translating your business into this language can help boost your business growth.


Hindi is the tenth most spoken language in the world. It is native to 270 million speakers and is widely spoken in India. India has 126 million English speakers and 85 % of its population don’t speak English well and it is outplaced with other languages.

As per the research report by CSA, Hindi usage has increased on the internet because of the initiatives taken by the sub-continent government. The sub-continent is excelling in telecom and technology so Hindi is a useful language if you are in the technological and telecom business.

In case, you need professional translation into the Hindi language, we have got you covered!

Wrapping Up

Do you want to expand your business to global markets? Make sure you eliminate the language barrier and communicate with your target audience in their language. This will give you a competitive edge among global business players. So what are you waiting for? Target the most useful language for business and accelerate your growth. In case you need professional document translation for your business, CCJK has got you covered! Get in touch to know more.