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Voice over, a production technique in which a non-diegetic voice is used for television commercials, radio, film, theatre or other type of presentation, can be used as devices such as, character, education or description, commercial advertisement and translation, etc.

Though voices over is a new running business in CCJK, but please take it easy, we have set up a strong team for this service, the team members include professional and experienced in-house or part-time voice actors and technical  workers.

As CCJK is a China based professional translation and Localization Company, thus of cause, Asian languages , especially mandarin or we call Putonghua, and Cantonese are of great advantage to us and we have in-house voice artists in these two languages.

We not only provide you professional and proper voice for your character, educational or descriptive materials, commercial advertisement, but also offer reasonable price to help you translate from the source language of your material into the target language you want at once, after translation we can send the voice samples for you to make a best choice.

All our voice actors perform voice over skills like clarity 2) Cleanliness 3) Consistency 4) Connected 5) Characterization 06) Confidence, which identifies and described by voice over instructor and performer Marc Cashman.

Please note that we can also offer European languages service, including French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Etc. We can help you voice-over for a story-telling book, role-playing in computer games, advertisements and language learning material or a a long term exclusive contract, etc.

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If you are interested in our service, please contact us with [email protected]. We can send you a price list of our service (voice over and translation) together voice sample. If you want our help, please tell us the following info about the project:

TYPE OF PROJECT(Radio Advertising, guide book for tourism Etc.)
SCRIPT INFO (how mangy words )
Delivery time
Your Budge

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