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The oil and gas industry is a technical one and technical expertise and knowledge to translate. Our experienced and skilled linguists are technical experts who understand the nuances of translating documents and content related to energy industry. They not only provide a professional coverage of translated content for the oil and gas industry, but also make sure to include all terms in the translation so the real message is conveyed to the target audience. We deliver cost-effective and quick translations for all energy content, without any compromises in quality. Whether its investments, contracts, sales or marketing promotional content related to energy and oil sector, your message will be translated and conveyed with absolute clarity for easy comprehension by international clients and companies.

Documents We Translate

  • AutoCAD Drawings & Files
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Civil Engineering Documents
  • Diagnosis Manuals
  • General Communications
  • HSE Reports
  • Legal Documents
  • Marketing Brochures Micro Station Files
  • Patents
  • Process Descriptions
  • Production Documents Proposals
  • Quality Procedures
  • RFPs
  • Service Manuals
  • Technical Specifications
  • Training and User Manuals
  • Training Handbooks
  • Website Translation
  • Well Reports

Refining Terminology

The oil and gas industry is part of the energy industry that is expanding rapidly with the advancement in technology and population. With the increase in demand of energy, the need to translate energy projects and investment is also increasing.

Our expert translators understand that this energy sector needs precise and accurate translation for globalization, which is why they take special care to translate all terms and clauses mentioned in these documents, with a special emphasis on providing these translations before the due date, so as to be quick and efficient in the process of translation. We provide state-of-the-art translation services for oil and gas industry, which might seem a daunting and tough task, but is actually easy with the help and support of the right translation partner.

Refining Translation Services Articles


Usually, 2500-3000 words/day are translated. If a project is lengthy the turnaround time will differ accordingly.
To ensure quality translation subject matter experts are our priority. We select with translators based on their expertise to translate a document with excellent quality.
The cost of each project within the same industry niche varies. It depends on the rate per word in the required language, length of the project and nature of the content. Also, you may be eligible for a discount offer if you are a loyal customer.
Documents are kept in a secure server. Database security is updated at regular intervals to avoid any breach of documents.
Yes, in case of any error does occur, we provide a review for the translated document. No extra charges will incur.

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