Sun Fortune Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Sun Fortune Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd wants to translate its code of conduct from German to Chinese.There are around 5,000 words to be translated.

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About the project:
Sun Fortune Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd wants to translate its code of conduct from German to Chinese. CCJK team makes a careful analysis and assigns the project to our relevant translators.

The services including:
German to Chinese Translation

Our solution:
For language translation:
All translation tasks are finished by native translators with abundant experience. CCJK is dedicated to make sure the client feels 100% satisfied with its translation service. There are around 5,000 words to be translated. The client assigns the German translation task to CCJK without asking CCJK to do any trial test. This is because the client had deep trust and confidence with CCJK’s translation service. Since the first touch around 1 year before, the client and CCJK sales contact keeps in touch with each other constantly.During the long waiting, CCJK sales contact does not lose the confidence to the client. The client is moved by this never give-up spirit. What’s more, CCJK is professional in translation with over 13 years of history.

Then the client may think “Why not CCJK”. As to this first time cooperation, CCJK promises to deliver quality translation within 3 working days.Due to the strong database for this language combination, CCJK arranges the relevant translators to work on them. 3 days later, CCJK deliveres the translation to the client and the client comes back with a small suggested revision. CCJK team agrees with the suggestions and delivers the revisions promptly. The client is quite impressed by CCJK’s fast response.The client and CCJK has established a solid business relationship through this good try and fast service. One month later, the client comes back to CCJK for more translation.

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About client:
The Sun Fortune Ltd. also belongs to the NKD group of companies and is responsible for the important purchasing market Asia and for sourcing and order tracking. Sun Fortune has four purchasing offices in Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh and China.The headquarters of the NKD Group are located in Bindlach, near Bayreuth, which is famous for its Richard Wagner Festival. All the national and international activities are planned and carried out here.The NKD Logistics receives and dispatches eight million items or 2,800 tonnes of merchandise every month.

The hub of the logistics department is the 32,000 central warehouse in Bindlach.Our retail network comprises almost 2,000 shops in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland and Switzerland. NKD is a trend-oriented textile discounter. We firmly believe that the products must be presented in an attractive way and that not only the shopping atmosphere but also the friendly staff are our guarantee to success.

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