New Year and bucket list are two different exciting things. The mixture of these two is very strong and vigorous. New year is the time where people come up with resolutions and promises for the upcoming year. Bucket list, on the other hand, is the list of shocking things that people decide to make their life full of adventure and give it a different meaning.

This read explains why you should have a bucket list, and also what should be on your list to make it a very enthusiastic experience for you.

Table of Content

  1. Let’s Talk About New Year
  2. What Does A Bucket List Entails?
  3. New Year’s Bucket List – What Should Be On It?

    1. Getting A Tattoo
    2. Learn A Skill
    3. Go On A Road Trip
    4. Try A New Cuisine
    5. Do A Thrilling And Adventurous Activity
    6. Become Health Conscious

    7. Must Attend A Concert Of Your Life
    8. Deep Sea Diving
    9. Dye Your Hair
    10. Master A New Tongue
    11. Running Of The Bulls

    12. Last Words!

Let’s Talk About New Year

We already know what New Year is. The celebration of New Year differs in every culture. However, the concept of New Year remains as an occasion where people start fresh. These goals are solely for self-improvement and also to achieve higher in life. You must set achievable resolutions for the New Year and also opt for personal development and growth.

You also get to reflect on your past year and make amends by forming rules for yourself. New year is a time of festivities and celebration. People from around the world who follow different traditions, leave behind all of their differences and celebrate the joyous festival.

What Does A Bucket List Entails?

Before kicking the bucket, all of us dream of completing our fantasies. For some it can be dying your hair and for some it can be very dangerous as skydiving. It all depends on our capability and capacity and how much fun we can endure. Bucket list simply a list of things that people wish to do in their lifetime. A bucket list entails a life of hope and meaning.

Creating a bucket list means that you are making a promise with yourself to enjoy life to its fullest by doing what seems the most important to you. It can also include things that are bizarre for some people while for others they are the definition of fun. The phrase “kick the bucket” is actually a euphemism which means death. So why waste our precious time whilst doing something that we don’t enjoy or moderately enjoy? It’s all about living our life only once, right? So let’s change our life’s motto to YOLO, because we only live once!

New Year’s Bucket List – What Should Be On It?

Creating a new year’s bucket list is one thing and actually going for it is another thing. Also, you shouldn’t add anything to this list just to sound cool or think that wow I have some high level initiatives this year. The whole point of a new year’s bucket list is working for things that make you fall in love with yourself as well as your life.

We have also curated some of the things that should be a part of your new year’s bucket list. So let’s delve into these items and explore what fun they have for you!

1. Getting a Tattoo

Yes, we are talking about a real and permanent tattoo, not an artificial one like decal tattoos. A real tattoo represents the commitment of a lifetime. This also means that you are wearing something permanent on your skin that is going to represent what is your main ideology. It doesn’t mean what people think of you after seeing your tattoo. It means what you think of yourself and make that one thought your whole identity.

Also, the meaning and the concept of a tattoo can be different from culture to culture and language to language. For example, the Mandarin Chinese character that means “strong” actually represents “passion” in Japanese.

Following are some of the tattoos in different languages that make you look like a formidable person.

Tattoo Name Language Meaning
Veni, Vidi, Vici Latin I came, I saw, I conquered
Vivir Spanish To live
Ce n’est pas la fin du monde French It’s not the end of the world
N’aie pas peur French Don’t be scared
Thiocfaidh chun bheith pian neart Irish Pain becomes strength
Temet nosce Latin Know thyself
Smuovere mare e monti Italian To move heaven and earth
Vive Rie Ama Spanish Live, laugh, love

This might seem an additional information! The phrase, Veni, Vidi, Vici, brings one thing to mind, the song by ASAP Rocky, Praise the Lord (Da Shine). Also, you might not believe but ASAP Rocky’s inspiration behind this song is Julius Ceaser. Caesar is the one that we give credit for this phrase.

2. Learn A Skill

Skills are one of those things that stay with you for life. Also, they are the result of continuous efforts that we do to become better at something. That skill can be anything. You can also learn how to paint or go towards digital marketing. Not only do you have to learn a skill this new year but also retain it throughout the year with great practise. Because what is the purpose of learning something if you are not making it an active part of your routine and mastering it.

There is a philosophy of art that states that painting and writing make you immortal. It is because it keeps the creator of that art always alive. Also, the ancient Greeks used to believe that when we read aloud, it was actually the dead that borrowed our tongue in order to speak again. How fascinating is that, isn’t it?

3. Go On a Road Trip

Going on a road trip doesn’t mean that you are just going for a journey. It’s about the experience that involves hitchhiking, going with friends and so much more than that. New year’s bucket list is all about making decisions that you have never made before. So why not go for a road trip that involves thrill and kick?

4. Try A New Cuisine

Most people are very conservative about the choices they make. New Year is all about breaking the previous rules and norms and creating new ones. So let’s break your vow of only eating the cuisines that you prefer. It is the time to get out of your previous ways and explore new things.

5. Do A Thrilling and Adventurous Activity

Starting your year with a blast fills your soul with a new energy. So let’s think what thrilling and adventurous activity would be best for you? Bungee Jumping. Yes, one of the most adventurous activities of all times. You are probably aware of what bungee jumping is. Jumping from a high place with just a nylon rubber around your ankles is the exact definition of bungee jumping.

Yes, the bungee cord is tightly secured around your ankles so there is no chance that you will fall down. The Macau Tower in China is the most famous at the highest spot for bungee jumping. Its height is 233 meters. Tourists from all over the world visit China to experience this thrilling activity. Chinese translation services play a critical role in this by providing translations in many languages for the tourists.

Other than China, you can also visit the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland whose height is 220 meters. The Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa is 216 meters high.

6. Become Health Conscious

Your New Year’s bucket list shouldn’t be all exciting and adventurous things. It should also focus on your physical and mental health. So why not make your health your number one priority this new year? It is always best to keep a balance in what you do and eat. Becoming health conscious also means that you develop a positive attitude over things that you consume and these things don’t always have to be food. Better health choices make you confident and self disciplined. So why not settle for them?

7. Must Attend A Concert of Your Life

Everyone has a favorite singer. The choice varies from singer to singer. Whatever your choice is, you must attend a concert that you will remember your whole life. Also, go for a selfie with your favorite singer so that when you get old, you have amazing memories. Gen Z is a great fan of Taylor Swift, Eminem, Rihanna and others. So going to their concerts that are so huge will give you an unforgettable memory.

8. Deep Sea Diving

Going underwater and having a first hand experience of marine life is definitely a bucket list item. But for this activity, you need to learn scuba diving. See, that’s your another new skill for New Year. You get to see so many new marine creatures that you have never even heard of. Also, one thing to remember here is that there is 70% water on planet earth. If you will only explore the surface which is 30%, you will get to see just a tiny part of this planet. So go for that 70% and see what the creator has in store for us.

9. Dye Your Hair

Dying your hair might seem a trivial task but for some people it is like changing your whole personality. Also, it is one’s personal choice that allows them to express themselves. It is also a nice representation of “New Year, New Me”. So get out there and express yourself in ways you find fit.

10. Master A New Tongue

Learning a new language can be fun. It helps you learn the culture and linguistic properties of a language that you must have never known before. As Spanish is the world’s second most spoken language, you should try to learn it. Or you can also try to learn Italian or Latin.

11. Running of the Bulls

Running of the Bulls, these four words exactly mean what you are thinking. It is a festival celebrated in Pamplona, Spain. More than a million people gather in Spain from all over the world to become a part of this festival. People celebrate it with fireworks, music and merrymaking. Almost a dozen of bulls run and courageous men step in front of these bulls and run for their life.

It is an equally dangerous and exciting run of your life. You must have seen this festival in various movies. For example, in “The Way”.

Last Words!

New Year is the time of making resolutions. If you are starting a new year, why not start it by making a New Year’s bucket list. This bucket list can contain shocking things like running of the bulls, bungee jumping, and things like learning a skill or mastering a new language. Or you can get a meaningful tattoo that will represent your own self in the best possible way.

It’s New Year, the start of an upcoming year which only you can make great, so give your energy to that. Dye your hair and give your life a new chance and a new direction. And in the end, “Live a Little More”.

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