What makes us excellent in oil translation?

The world oil industry is in the process of dramatically internationalized develop ,at the same time, highly-increased requirements for documentation translation in oil industry caused by the development of oil industry, the International Conference of the petrochemical industry and downstream industries, Technology and Industry, the study report, investment analysis and evaluation, specification, contract and collaboration contracts, commercial development, downstream petroleum product procurement and tender, petroleum engineering project bidding, drilling exploration and technology development, the import and export of refined oil and oil multinationals site construction and updates, should be referred to the professional language vendors to deal with. Or else, the quality could not be assured.

All translators and reviewers from CCJK are native speakers with at least 5 years of professional experience and are quite fluent in both English and their mother-tongue languages. I have no doubt that their profound knowledge in both languages will be of a great asset to the project.

CCJK are always keeping pace with ever-changing oil industries. It is a specialty of CCJK Technologies. This industry could be volatile all the time, so we’re always at the ready to accommodate your special needs, no matter how tight the timeframe is or anything else. We could deal with from research or test results to material data or safety sheets; we would always guarantee high quality and prompt delivery for our clients.

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Oil translation specialties at CCJK:

Oil and gas field development

Oil reservoir,

Oil reservoir physics

Oil and gas mechanics,

Oilfield chemises,

Petroleum refining,

Oil and gas procession

Petroleum geology

Oil exploration

Oil and gas field measurements

Drilling engineering

Oil and gas storage and transportation machinery

Oil and gas and mining machinery

Oil and gas processing machinery,

Drilling machinery

Oil pollution prevention

Oil and gas field engineering machinery

Oil and gas field construction projects,

The oil industry economy

Oil bidding, etc.