China’s APPS market

Mobile internet trend of the times has come

Smart phones and Ipad have been widely spread our side, these types of mobile terminals, due to advances in technology and the user’s sense experienc, One of China’s biggest telecommunication companies ,China Unicom, provides a very good experience, network speed, and very competitive prices down to offer end users a better mobile Internet experience, I believe that with effort and terminal operators in constant progress, the development of China usher in mobile Internet is relatively large,we can espect a explore of APPS market in China.

Gaming applications is the largest APPS demand.

The advent of mobile Internet wave, conform with the trend of their applications to become the largest user demand, the establishment of China Unicom fertile stores, hoping to provide users with the most favorable place for mobile user experience, the store application developers to aggregate China Unicom’s aggregation into their software platform to provide users with trading and services platform for mobile phone users in the platform better to download and use the phone’s software, users of China Unicom to increase the viscosity of the brand in Wal-shop,the store offer more than million lines of applications, including tools, lifestyle, financial class, reading class, game type, ChinaJoy game-type applications are also very rich in game class partners, including Ninetowns. “so I hope you come to us Download and use the game. “said one of China Unicom APPS store’s manager.

Opening up and innovation

Wal store the persistence concept also coincides with the theme of this ChinaJoy, “China Unicom to take a very fertile stores open attitude, we will not only developers and development agencies to open, the key is to market all App Store is also open attitude, we as operators in this industry is very happy, very welcome and an open mind to all the applications and stores to cooperate as long as you like, we can create the App Store Union, our core purpose is to provide users with the best mobile application experience.

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“Now that software has more types of users in the choice of software will encounter confusion” and another feature is the fertile stores will create a powerful search engine, whether through the kinds of search criteria and interests to choose your standards, we fear, will you find the software you want. ”

What you can espect from China Unicom’s apps store?

Well, China Unicom has More than 300 Million users,you tell me what you can espect!

Are you ready to step into the store?

I got a question here: Your APPS are still in english version?

That’s not gonna happen if you want to make something on the Unicom APPS store.

Localization is very important if you want to melt in to the local market,and a good localization is even more important if you want to melt in to the local market local culture well.

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How do you assure your APPS is fit for the local market?

Well,our products is awesome, we can bring fun to China user. Is it true? How could you make them happy if they don’t know what your APPS is all about? It’s still a tough barrier in your road to success even if you localised your APPS. Why? Well,if you want to catch some eyeballs,you need to make you products unique,especially in China.

Chinese User got a very strict requirement for the “new” stuff.You need to make sure your products is unique,creative enough to win marketshare in China market.

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