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Would you like to operate your business in Uzbek?

In our globalized world, it is significant for you to localize your website to your target market as more and more people are surfing the internet and are likely to browse the internet to look for information, products and services. However, a lot of these internet users are not native speakers of English. This makes it necessary to localize your business website into different languages.

Should you want to expand your business in Uzbek, it is your right choice to count us as a trustworthy Uzbek translation partner. We are committed to provide Uzbek translation services for those enterprises which have the aggressive dream of seizing the Uzbek market. We, CCJK, are standing by to help you out.

CCJK on Uzbek Translation services

Our advantages:

–  Efficient and cost effective One-Stop localization services for Uzbek translations

–  Ensured quality through our strict streamlined QA workflow system

–  A big pool of native professional Uzbek translators from varied industries and project managers available 24/7 to ensure textual fluency and timely delivery

– Adequate translation assets available to save cost and shorten lead time for your Uzbek translation files or websites

– Assignment of a specialist Uzbek translator team who perfectly understands your specific needs and coordinates the actions to

meet them

– Communicate fluently with your target audience in their native language – our linguists are discreetly selected to work in their

native language and in the specific fields of which they hold specialist knowledge

– We have a highly streamlined project management system, which involves rigorous processes for translation, proofreading,

editing (generally known as TEP Process), multilingual typesetting and quality control.

Areas of expertise

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CCJK is specialized in the localization and translation of:

• User Interfaces (UI) for electronics

• User Assistance (UA) materials, in print and/or online

• Documentation (user guides, manuals and tutorials, etc) and DTP

• Computer Based Training (CBTs)

• Websites and web-based applications

• Marketing materials

• Policy and procedure handbooks

• Company newsletters, and much more…….

Tools mastered:

• Trados 6.5, to SDL 2009


• Déjà Vu X

• STAR Transit.

Our rates for Uzbek translations:

It depends on the nature of the materials. But be rest assured, we are able to provide a market price for you.

Is there anything we can do for you?

For more information, please contact CCJK offices as follows:

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District, Shenzhen 518057 China

Tel: 86-755-8611-7878

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Hong Kong Office

CCJK Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Hollywood Plaza,

610 Nathan Road, Mongkok,

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: 852-2710-8200

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More information about the Uzbek language:

Uzbek, as a mother tongue and the official language of Uzbekistan, has about 25.5 million native speakers. The Speakers are scattered in Uzbekistan and elsewhere in Central Asia. Being a branch of the southeastern Turkic or Uyghur family of Turkic languages, Uzbek’s lexicon and grammar are most closely connected to the Uyghur language, and it bears some influences from Persian, Arabic and Russian.

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