Example 1. He is damper sixty-three.

Translation: 他今年已六十三岁,身子骨依然硬朗。

Example 2. Taft had set up headquarters with the confident phone number ME-1940.

Translation: 塔夫脱的竞选总部也十分自信,特意选用 ME-1940 这个电话号码。

Example 3. Dawn met him well along the way. It was a pleasant uneventful ride.

Translation: 在东方喻晓的时候,他早已走了一大段路了。这次骑马旅行是愉快的,没有碰到意外事件。

Example 4. There is a lethal combination of high costs and high ticket prices at work, and fundamentally, one newspaper can cut down a show.

Translation: 高成本的制作再加上昂贵的票价(指百老汇剧场),真的要了百老汇的命。但根本的症结是:报上一篇剧评,就足以“枪毙”一出戏。

Example 5. He had some cheerful wine at the party.

Translation: 聚会时他喝了一些酒,于是便浑身来劲儿。

Example 6. It was at Tarr’s that she snatched up gifts for (her daughter) Biddy: the lovely doll which resembled a plumper Biddy.

Translation: 她送给蓓蒂(她女儿)的礼物都是在塔尔百货公司买的。那个讨人喜欢的洋娃娃简直就像蓓蒂一样,不过蓓蒂稍微胖了一点。

Example 7 She became a poor third in the English-speaking contest.

Translation: 她在英语演讲比赛中得了第三名,其成绩比第二名差了很多。

Example 8. The two ladies gave each other agegroup looks.

Translation: 这两个女士互相对视了一下,目光里的意思只有她们同龄人之间才懂。

Example 9. The chapter ensuring treats of the comparative application in predicting plot runoff.

Translation: 下面一章叙述推断径流场径流的应用比较。

Example 10. A tiny staggerer came suddenly rocking into the yard.

Translation: 一个刚刚学步的小宝宝突然摇摇晃晃走进院子里。

Example 11. The world is still engaged in a massive armaments race designed to insure continuing equivalent among potential adversaries.

Translation: 世界仍在进行大规模的军备竞赛,目的是为了在潜在的对手之间继续保持力量的平衡。

Example 12. Mr. Oakhust drew the youthful speculator behind the door, and thus addressed him: “Tommy, you’re a good little man, but you don’t gamble worth a cent. Don’t try it over again.”

Translation: 奥科赫斯特先生把这个想试试运气的年轻人拉到门后对他这样说:“汤姆,你小子挺不错,可是你赌博一窍不通,以后别再尝试了。”

Example 13. Choosing a strategy to cope with the grown-up world, then, is the first decision young adults have to make, and usually the most important decision of their lifetime.

Translation: 刚步入成人阶段的年轻人必须做出的第一个决定就是选择一个应付这个成人世界的战略,这常常是他们一生中最重要的一个决定。

Example 14. Pressing down the button of the alarm-clock, he curled up for a last warm moment under the bed clothes. Translation: 他把闹钟的按钮按下,蜷缩在被子下面,享受最后一刻的温暖。

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