English translation of advertising principles and theories

As an application language, advertising is the communication media and widely used in today’s society to exchange or express information. In order to make the ad attract the instant reader’s attention and stimulate their desire to buy production, service and so on, many ads are made by repeated scrutiny, unique and beautiful words, syntax, succinct and rich in content.

Good advertising, not only has a high commercial value, but also has some value and aesthetic value. Advertising English translation is related to marketing, advertising, customer psychology, aesthetics, cross-cultural communication and many other subjects of knowledge. In the process of translation, the translator usually processes the original context aesthetically and as much as possible to consist with the original context.

When the aesthetics and advertising English translation become into “marriage”, which changes will the translator’s translation occur?

First, the phonological beauty

Advertising English often use a variety of voice performance measures, such as syllables and sound intensity, to achieve the beautiful sound effects of advertising. In the English translation of advertising, the translator should pay attention to the original phonological.

Second, the image beauty

Thinking in images is one of the characteristics of human. People like using the concrete, vivid, visual language to reflect the advertising language. The advertising language is very particular vivid in western.

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Third, the simple beauty

The simple is beauty, especially in advertising English. Living in the fast-paced modern society there are all kinds of audience to advertise, the more easily advertising, the more impression the audience will have.

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Fourth, the creation beauty

Aesthetic psychology is different from the person’s general psychological, but it is a creative psychology. Aesthetic psychology can perceive the aesthetic objects and get the aesthetic emotions. At the same time, according to a certain aesthetic ideal, it can create or re-creation to get the beautiful distinctive, emotions and aesthetic object by association, imagination, fantasy and other forms. The essence of beauty is to create, and innovation.

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