There are advertisements everywhere; we can see them on the streets, in the stores and supermarket, on top of the tall building, even on the planes or balloons. Many of them are advertisements for international products’ brands, being translated from English or other languages. The following ones are some typical and classic advertisements that we can found both in English and Chinese. Let’s go and have a look.

I Shrinking Translation

1. Don’t you ever experience beauty care can be so…



Translation: 从未试过美容护理


Analysis: Here, translation for “Passionate…Cozy…Sharing…Elegant” has been omitted.

2. World without strangers


Translation: 没有陌生人

Analysis: Here, translation for “world”has been omitted.

3. Because I’m worth it.

———L’Oreal Paris

Translation: 我值得拥有

Analysis: Here, translation for “Because”has been omitted.

4. Paper is out. Silk is in.


Translation: 纸面膜已经过时。

Analysis: Here, translation for “Silk is in.”has been omitted.

5. Always keep it on you.


Translation: 爱•炫耀

6. Imagine beautiful innovation

The merging of beauty and innovation of technology inside every Samsung TV


Translation: 想象 坐享唯美科技

7. Get exclusive offers. Get closer with your loved ones.


Translation: 独享优惠 尽情联系

8. Where Privilege Takes on a New Meaning

_______Chase Premiere Connect

Translation: 尊贵从来只属少数

9. Wherever you travel, you will be treated like a local.


Translation: 畅游列国 专享地方款待

10. Wherever you are. whatever you do. The Allianz Group is always on your side.

______Allianz Group

Translation: 安联集团,永远站在你身边

11. Breaking through the Tradition, Defining the Food of Enjoyment, Creating a Slice of Quality Life


Translation: 超越传统,荟萃美食人生

12. In business, size doesn’t count.

It’s how far you’re ahead.


Translation: 商场上的成败,取决于是否领先潮流

13. Patience is a virtue…

Have no regret for the past, no remorse for the present, and an unshakeable trust in the future.


Translation: 沉着、坚毅——要不枉从前,要稳夺明天。

14. Be good to yourself. Fly emirates.


Translation: 纵爱自己 纵横万里

15. Who will you be in the next 24 hours?

____Patek Philippe Twenty-4

Translation: 分秒间…谁可千变万能

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