IT is one of the main translation field in our company, we have very professional and veteran translators to do IT files, both for English to Chinese and Chinese to English.

I have handled some IT translation projects these days. I think IT translation is a highly specialized and technical translation. As IT covers a variety of industries, its term requires to be very refined and accurate. Simply put, IT files translation has the following basic requirements:

1. Translation should be focused on profession and accuracy

IT industry is a highly specialized industry with jargon representing a complete system. Therefore, the translators must have in-depth understanding about the IT industry and has a clearer grasp of the IT-related jargon. Thus they can use professional, accurate, standardized terminologies to do the translation well.

2. Translators should pay attention to update their knowledge

The rapid development of the IT industry, extremely rapid updating of knowledge, there will be a lot of new terminologies produced every once in a while. Therefore, the translators must advance with the times, focus on translation timeliness, always grasp of the latest knowledge, so as to be better qualified for translation task.

3. Translators should focus on internationalization

Currently, the IT industry is still dominated by foreign technology. Therefore, whether to introduce of foreign technology to domestic products or to introduce domestic technology abroad, IT translation must focus on internationalization, with international standards and synchronization.

4. Translation should be focused on rigorous and concise

IT translation needs not have gorgeous rhetoric, it just requires rigorous terms, concise wording and strict logic, to avoid the use of some ambiguous or even wrong words. Otherwise, a subtle translation error will cause tremendous loss to customers.

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5. Translators should focus on confidentiality

IT Translation involves high-tech, some technologies are crucial, involving trade secrets even national security. Thus, in the process of translation, the translators should strictly abide by professional ethics to guard secrets for customers.

6. Usually, we can find list of contents in IT files and when we click them by mouse, they will turn to be gray. The translators should be careful for this, they should not translate this content directly and they just need to keep this part as original while translation as it will have the same words in the following texts.

Then you need to translate the texts followed. After this, you right click the corresponding part of contents in the list and select “update”, it will update to be the translation automatically. This is a very important part in the IT files, if you don’t do like this, it will take you much time to do the formatting.

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