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We provide high quality transcriptions of audio and video files through our transcribing service.  The source material can be anything from a recording of a telephone call or a meeting video, through to legal recordings.

In a nutshell, transcription and transcribing involves our professional translators watching or listening to your recording and writing down the speech involved, in the same language as is being spoken. They then translate that text into the target language you require.

We offer three variations of the service, all of which will result in a Word document containing the text from the source being delivered to you, unless you need it in a specific format.

1. Pure transcribing – where the transcription will be in the same language as the source audio.

2. One-step transcribing and translating – where the transcription is produced from source straight into the target language.

3. Two-step transcribing and translating – where a transcription is produced (as above) which is then translating into multiple target languages.

In terms of quality the two-step process is the most accurate, however the single stage process can produce faster results, which may be more important to you.

For this service to be effective the source files must be of high quality and free from background noise if possible.

What Type of Files Can We Transcribe?

We can use pretty much any type of file such as a tape, CD, DVD, video cassette (sorry, not Betamax), MP3, AVI, mpeg or wav.

If you have used something we’ve not listed, don’t worry we will probably be able to deal with that too (the list of available formats is quite long!), just give us a call and we’ll come up with a solution for you.

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