As long as you are one of the sales personnel,there are so many common things you need to know in the beginning no matter which industry you are working for,no matter which services you are providing.

To sum up,it seems to be three core questions:

How to reach and get customers?who are the potential customers?How can we create our client resouces?

There are some useful suggestions given by predecessor who have successed in developing customers or co-workers who have been doing translation business for a long time.Of course,it’s just for references and it depends on ourselves to choose the certain and the most useful ways for getting our own customers.

The most usual and useful way to catch the potential customer is Email Direct Marketing,which means getting the email address and other contact information,and then sending email one by one.

There are some skills for our emails.Firstly,we should provide the detailed informations as much as possible,but remember to keep simple and clear.remavoiding any infos missed.

Because we never know which email will lead to the potential customer and which services the customer will need until we do.Besides,we should pay some attention to our sending time.We’d better to send the emails from Tuesdays to Thurdays.

Sending emails in Mondays or Fridays is not be recommended,let alone the weekends.At last, just as anyone knows but not do,it will be resultful to get more and more email address and send emails as much as possible.

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Another way to get potential customer is to represent yourself in various social media network. Linkedin is a prior choice for us because of it’s commercial atmosphere.Besides,twitter, facebook also are useful and they are so popular too.

When promoting yourself amone socil network,it is significant to enrich your personal information and try to involve yourself into many discussions and activities.

Besides,you can expand your network and get more new contacts through the old.Just like a saying goes in China, “ make friends before do business”.

The last thing I want to mention is keeping something in mind:Never give up.It’s possible we have sent out 100 sales letters,but just receive1 to 10 feedbacks from clients,few of them even are rejection letters.

But it is common for email marketing and it ‘s a lasting war when you choose this method.I believe, as long as we stick to do so,it will be resultful and make a differences eventully.

Though,of course,it depends on our own to choose the method combinations to keep on.And generally,the results differ from one to another because of different situations.

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