Weak growth, the content of the same, the cottage has become a trend, as domestic online games in recent years to throw off the label. Hope this game from the social networking industry, mobile games and other breakthroughs in many areas, but growth is still not ideal.

This year’s CJ (China joy, the China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Expo), perfect, grand, and other enterprises on the “sea” of hope in gold, but the situation does not seem clear.

Traditional thinking gold is not easy

Although in recent years the scale of China’s online game industry revenue has maintained a rising trend, but as early as the year no longer brave. Analysys International data show declining growth rate of online market size, annual growth rate from 2007 up to 68.3% last year shrunk to 21.5 percent, the lowest growth rate in recent years.

Due to seasonal factors and lean manufacturers products, last year twenty-three quarter, online games market development in 10 years after the first negative growth, even if prices fell only 0.5% and 0.3%, but these subtle changes in the industry fell as the timing of potential Bomb: online games to create a “windfall profits” the myth of the Internet at any time no longer exist.

The future direction of this trend, Analysys International analyst forecasts are not optimistic about Yu Yi, “within two years the average growth rate of China’s online gaming market will remain below 30%.”

In fact, the domestic online games are in fierce competition, squeezed in the environment, whether foreign or independent research agency, its operations are not optimistic about the long travel range of products to stop its operations, Ninetowns lost “World of Warcraft “After the earnings situation is not good.

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Even leaders of Tencent, Shanda and Netease, rely on “Cross Fire”, “Fantasy Westward Journey” and other old game situation remains serious.

“Sea” culture is too single brand

In fact, the sea is not the road show this CJ surfaced. Rich and powerful layout of the online games industry began many years ago, but this is very urgent.

It is understood that in 2009 a total of 29 domestic online game companies, 64 self-developed product to enter the overseas market, revenue $ 109 million last year to the sea of ​​domestic enterprises and products have increased 82 to 34 of products, sales revenue increased by 111 percent to $ 230 million.

This is the “Eleventh Five-Year” only eight early Chinese online game company’s 14 independent research network games out of the country compared to sales of $ 020 million, an increase of more than 10 times.

Obviously such growth is not fast enough. Occupy the top three in the domestic online games market seats Shanda CEO Tan Zhao said the overseas market is only big game revenues accounted for 5% of the future “will be more of this consideration,” and plans to increase the percentage of 3 to 20 years after %.

Looking at the domestic online game products out Haimo not played the cultural card, in which the perfect world of the “Wulin”, a grand game of “Variable Star”, Netease game of “clouds of war” also involves the Chinese traditional culture.

The Press and Publication Administration to countersign the Sun Shoushan also have considerable expectations, he believes that the domestic output of original online games overseas, not only realized by the introduction of copyright to the copyright output, and exports of services will promote it to the vast changes become publication, “going out” one of the important forms to enhance the international influence of Chinese culture.

Expectations and how to complete the regulatory process to speed up the sea, said Zhu Qi, president of a perfect world, perfect world in overseas markets is gradually transition to independent operation, it will be the road of overseas Chinese online game to avoid the copyright and revenue in an important step.

He also said that the perfect world is through overseas acquisitions, to achieve local control in different regions of the advantages of resources.

Yu Yi that, from the development trend, the “sea” is the online game industry has to follow the path, but also from the revenue perspective, the scale of overseas revenue growth momentum, which will help to stimulate the domestic market rebound.

However, the Chinese online game “sea” product of cultural factors, for the purposes of foreign players is a good selling point, to avoid products with foreign markets in conflict. He also further explained that, in fact, the domestic game into the overseas market factors over a single nation alone, due to differences with the local culture, the promotion of their products as “sea” strategy of short board, you need to fit the local localization to make some adjustments.

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Numerous internal and external barriers

Multi-legged walking is certainly good, but the “sea” is only the concept of work. Perfect World CEO Chi Yufeng, said, “At present the domestic game in the overseas market is not a mainstream, is a relatively marginal product.” In addition to cultural differences, the payment mode, etc become a problem of marketing the threshold.

The industry believes that, in addition to a large client online, social web games, mobile games have been able to help the rise of the “sea” strategy, but the complexity of the game types will inevitably lead to “sea strategy” of the complex.

It is reported that, with the development of the hot social network, social gaming will become China’s online game “sea” list in the mainstream. Zhang and Chen, senior director of PayPal, said China, overseas Chinese social games on the road to enter the payment interface monopoly will face hard difficulties, mandatory co-sharing model and the virtual currency, a lot of game developer’s profit is compressed, especially for early into the overseas game developers, the original game cost advantage has been lost.

Not only to cover the traditional marketing channels, but also extends to social networking platforms, mobile terminals and other emerging channels. Analysts believe that marketing costs increase, the domestic online games will be a barrier to promotion overseas.

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