The introduction of the people and patterns in Korean money

10 thousand KRW: The Korean King Sejong

Sejong King was the fourth generation King, who governed Korea from 1418 to 1450.

The back: the main picture is the armillary sphere, and the astronomical telescope in the lower right corner is the biggest one, which also is created by Korea on their own.

5 thousand KRW: Yulgok II (1536—1584)

Yulgok II (1536—1584) , named by himself, who was an honest philosopher, which belongs to the Humanity theory philosophy.

The back side: Watermelon and cockscomb

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1 thousand KRW: Lee Huang (1501—1570)

The Idealist philosopher of Korean Li Dynasty, who is the main representative figure of the Korean Zhuzi Doctrine as well.

The back side: Dwelling beside the river Painting, Painter was Shan Zheng (1676~1759) in the Joseon Dynasty.

1 hundred thousand KRW: kim Koo, (from 11 July, 1878 to 26 June, 1949) named himself as Baek pan, whose ancestor was the Kim family of Andong.

He was a legendary character in Korea history, and a famous independent, and was hailed as “the father of Korea”.

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Fifty thousand KRW: Tong Ren Shen Si (1504-1551)

She was the best example of a good wife and kind mother in Korea history, and the famous female artist in the middle of Korea, who was very good at poetizing and drawing. It is worth noting that she was the mother of Yulgok II, who has been mentioned above when introduced five thousand KRW. The mother and her son both were outstanding persons.

One hundred Korean Coins: Sunsin Lee (1545.5.5~1598.12.16)

The national hero of Korea. He was the navy officer of Korea and the anti-Japanese national hero. His hometown was in Kaifeng city of Gyeonggi province, and was borned in Seoul. Alias Shey, and named himself De water.

He was borned in a moribund literati and off. He was knowledgeable and did well in riding and shooting, so he successfully passed the martial exam when he was 32 years old and started his brigade career. He was integrity, and concerned about his country and his people during his whole life and pursue the righteous, though he had some adversities, but never complained them any more.

When he was 47 years old, he served as the navy Jie-du-shi of the left Jeolla, and practiced the navy actively, built the defensive position, and created the armored warships and turtle ships.

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