Last time we talked about the main part of trades software application, and we continue to finish the task. In addition Trados software also provides several options (not available for download from the official website), according to mix and match different they may appear in different software package. These options are:

1. Thesaurus conversion module (Conversion), the main function is the user sets the hands of the old version of the terminology, the term set of plain text and Microsoft Excel Glossary way to bulk import the new format of the term set (there is one step away from building a database.) So this is an important module to increase productivity, but also an important tool for building a database, the novice must be familiar with its operation. Should be noted that this module can fully replace the migration tool, the novice need not learn more about the migration of how it was.

2. Reference translation module (Xtranslate, also known as Context TM), its main function is based on existing bilingual translation of documents, so Trados called it another form of translation memory is very reasonable. This tool is a regular source of LSP (Language Service Provider) package, can be seen, Trados think it should be the tools used by the translation company. In its advertising brochure, Trados claimed that the module is the memory of traditional database technology, “the perfect complement to”

3. Terminology extraction module (Multiterm Extract), the main function is the file from a single language, bilingual translation memory file, or words to extract the potential to establish alternative terms for the user to select and confirm the list, you can also check the quality and the creation of dictionaries.

Finally, the results can be directly entered into the glossary, or written in XML format for users to exchange. Note that the new version of the module (Multiterm Extract) replaced the earlier versions of similar modules (ExtraTerm and ExtraTerm IX).Here we proceed from the actual combat, the main two issues:

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1. The user vocabulary file has batch conversion.

2. MultiTerm IX construction terminology database library and bulk import.
Multiterm IX Web can actually see there are two versions, one is (build 209), I believe this version is held by the majority of users, or not such a crusade against the noise. In fact, this is a problem version; the performance is just doing not work no matter how hard they try. The other is (build 231), this is the correct version, I believe Trados has been patched in the inside, so the resulting XML file transformation module, though still the lack of definition, but the bulk import is very well-behaved obedient thesaurus, never Disgruntled.

Before the actual operation so you should first find the correct version. Can not find how? Is theoretically possible to directly modify the XML file by hand , that is, the line to help it with the word, but several issues involved here: 1. trouble, every library must be changed. 2. how to modify, what software? 3. Is it necessary to modify the future success? Now the problems or questions are our turn to find and develop them. It will be of great help that depends on our own observation and practice.

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