CAT software’s main function is to provide an efficient platform for the translation, which is the computer all the high-speed capability (find, replace, tips, etc.), and the translator’s experience and the final decision together to achieve satisfactory results. Trados is a kind of CAT product, but also the current mainstream products, so everybody just aspire to.

There are similar products abroad, SDLX, Dejavu, etc. Why Trados so famous? Because it creates Translation Memory and this concept has been successfully realized. The simple concept of translation memory is the translator of the work done recorded into the two main databases, a database is a sentence (not the same sentence library), and the other is the terminology database (not entirely equivalent to Dictionary).

Until further work, as long as things have translated, Trados will remind you, help you, or even directly translated for you. Why use Trados such kind of CAT software? Because it can relieve repetitive work, more importantly, it can be shared, imagine you there massive database of enclosed material, it is equivalent to doing the work when there was a master stand beside you one by one pointing.
Features from the product point of view, Trados translation memory platform can be divided into Workbench and platform Multiterm, and their respective sets of tools.

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From the perspective of network access, Trados can be divided into network-type (Server) and stand-alone type (Freelance), for the individual translator, the stand-alone is sufficient from the perspective of file exchange, Trados format primarily supports three categories, namely its own previous versions of the various file formats, and second, plain text, Microsoft Excel format for third. It is proposed that we care about the last one, because this format is easiest and most flexible.

With these simple concepts, then you should now have a general impression about Trados, we meet again next time about internal Trados’s structure, seeing deep into what worth caring about this translation tool.

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