This time, we will continue the topic about the entry explanation of Trados translation software. May be my view upon this is a little bit shallow, but it is why I should study hard and learn from others carefully.

On the desktop click “start” – “all programs” – “Trados 6.5 Freelance”, then you will see a group of projects, including:

1. “Files (Documentation)”, it is inside all the various PDF user manuals for the main module of Trados, the very detailed account, but are in English. But since everyone is doing translation, the original manual shall directly, from good habits on (nothing more complicated and most of the sentences have been repeated).

2. “Filter module (Filters)”, these modules can be understood as a dedicated conversion tools, and put some special software font or format to translation platform can accept files, so that to conduct the follow-up work. The software doesn’t often meet at home, at least for now you needn’t take care of it.

3. “Teaching material (Tutorial)”, introduced the form film translation platform and alignment module, if you don’t have the patience to read the original manual, also ought to finish see these little movies, facilitate rapid understanding from whole Trados, certainly it is still in English, but highly generalization and intuitive.

4. “Special window (T – Windows)”, these modules for different format file provides customized editing environment in order to translate and localization work, you can handled here such as Excel, PowerPoint, executable file, clipboard material containing the untranslatability of text content. If very skilled in here, you will find work sometimes than translation platform also convenient, because platform is a regular restaurant, should pay attention to go there repast sometimes dress (not any kind of material can be directly used in the processing), and here is quite literally, as long as tools conveniently, brought on and use it (such as just the words on the translation slides).

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5. Registered and version instructions.

6. Translation platform itself, which of course is the core of Trados, only this is partly an encrypted protection, other modules of registered are reflected here. Or in other words, as long as all others registered successfully here, and they were parts of who ready to use.

7. “Identifier editor (TagEditor)”, to various needs to protect its inner format, but again want to translate their text files needs to use this module for processing. Being different with T – Windows, the identifier editor’s main process is to deal with file- related format (HTML, XML and SGML, may be these formats look familiar to you), and used for desktop publishing some document or (DTP).

8. “Alignment module (WinAlign)”, mainly used for establishing translation memory, the premise is that you have the bilingual files checked. This module can be aligned, also allow you to manual alignment; anyhow translator means of intervention many. “Aligned” basic idea is the original sentences and to the sentence one-to-one up, if you feel this is nonsense, then immediately he could conclude that you have built translation memory sure quality is not high, lack of actual practice, why? You will understand after your own experiments.

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A. Term platform itself, which is you must be familiar with the main software;

B. Forcibly installation words can see management module (Multiterm Administrator), but you probably didn’t have a chance to use it.

C. Thesaurus Migration Tool (Migration Tool) mainly used to put the old version of the term for the current version format library conversion. For beginners, there may not be any LaoBan term set, so you also do not have the opportunity to use it.
Besides, Trados also offers several options software (official website does not provide download source), according to different combinations, they may appear in different software packages. And we will talk about it next time.