Question: We are looking to target Chinese patients in the California market with our specialized gummy smile and gum bleaching dental services. Can you help us with this? We are also interested in producing a commercial website in Chinese. We have a limited budget, but would like to explore working with you.

Please let me know how much it typically costs to translate a website….also can you help in targeting Asian patients locally? We are interested in finding a way to target Asian patients who need gummy smile surgery or gum bleaching.

Answer: Thank you very much for enquiry. I am confident that I am the right person to help you out with this matter, as we know Chinese much better than the others. Also we are expert in Asian language translation and localization. The cost estimation for translating your website is pretty straight-forward.

You need only provide the link to your website. We will analyze the whole site and then provide you with a quote based on the word count of the English text in your website. I would like to offer you a competitive price as start to our relationship.

As for targeting Asian patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angel areas, I would like to suggest you go for Google Adwords or invest in SEO which shall be much efficient than the traditional ways in this Internet era.

You can study and narrow the keyword list to be something like ‘Beverly Hills Gummy Smile’ or ‘Los Angel Gum Bleaching’ and their Asian equivalents. The key to realize the goal is to set up your multilingual site, optimize each page and convert the traffic into orders.

I have quickly analyzed your site and found that you have already done well in this way in your English site. You got 150 organic keywords and 21 AdWords keywords ranked in the first 3 pages in Google. Among which, “gum bleaching” got number 1, “Gummy smile” got number 3. What you need is to repeat the same success story to your Asian sites.

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Summary: As an expert in website localization, CCJK is able to provide clients with one-stop solution from translation, localization, engineering, maintenance of their multilingual sites to SEO and Internet marketing.

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