Question: Please advise whether CCJK can handle any voice over and transcription work. I have 24 (1-hour) videos of medical lectures. Please advise your cost to transcribe & translate 24 (1-hour) videos and then to provide the voice-over into Mandarin. I can obtain the videos in any format needed.

Answer: We at CCJK have done a lot of voiceover and transcription work. One of our recent examples is .

We usually charge an hourly rate for transcription. Based on industry production standards guidelines published by Office Business Center Association International (, the general rule is that it takes one to two hours to transcribe 15 minutes of recorded audio.

Of course, a lot will depend on the quality of the voices, technical content, accents, and if the video is to be transcribed verbatim vs. paraphrased. A straightforward, one-voice video will take much less time than a highly technical focus group with poor audio and accented speakers.

As for the rates for voice over, you can find a useful reference from this professional portal for voiceover talent:

Based on the above estimation, please find below the cost for transcription, translation and voiceover:

Transcription for one hour video: 120 USD (6 hours work at hourly rate 20 USD with an average 1:6 minute rate)

Translation for one hour video: 480 USD (6000 words at per word rate 0.08USD)

Voiceover for one hour video: 300 USD (This is the average rate what we charge our other clients)


Robert Brenner (, known as the “pricing guru” in many circles, conducted an industry survey a year or so ago, the results of which are published in a special report, “A Comprehensive Survey of the Business Support Services Industry.” For general transcription, participants of the survey charge $15 to $75 per hour.

The average is about $30 an hour. (Legal and medical transcription rates came in at slightly higher rates.) Of the respondents that charge by the page, they charge anywhere from $2.75 to $14.00 per page. The average charge is about $7.50 per page. (Source: Special Report on the Business Support Services Industry, Brenner Information Group.)

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