The translation of Buzzwords, in addition to considering the social and cultural background, must also pay attention to the characteristics of the language itself, try to make the translation to achieve the stature of both.

As for the buzzwords features from large side, mainly simple, crisp, lively, interesting, and catchy, however, refer to a certain buzzwords, no doubt with its own characteristics: either metaphor abstraction old or new words, or improvisation, mimicry word onomatopoeia, the use of foreign words, dialect, slang and the word “族” is not uncommon.

Therefore, the translation buzzwords to grasp the overall features of as much as possible the characteristics of each buzzwords, re-creation; must not rigidly adhere to the surface of the text, do not be bound by the original effort to break its own mindset, and more flexible change, for each breakthrough point, to make the text full of “personality”, and vividly to the reader immediately.

For example “ア ッ パ ッ パ ー” is a simple dress, sewn from a whole cloth, in the 1926 summer is extremely popular in Japan. The original saying in turn, intended to sound mimicry Words. How to translate it it is not so easy. Translated as “the simple dress” is not wrong, but the lack of vulgarity.

Translated as “cut skirt” to bring foreign flavor, there may even be mistaken for an art fashion. Therefore, the translation to the idea of ​​trying to get the translation stained point tacky taste. In order to show that this skirt is a very low level.

In short, the buzzwords of the translation is very difficult. Some buzzwords do not allow the translator to have the enough time to make flexibility, such as “流線型” in the 1920s, “代用品” in the 1930s, “民主化” in the 1940s, “死の灰” in the 1950s,.

Some buzzwords like specifically to test the level of the translator often very strenuous and may not be able to find a satisfactory way. Such as”テクシー”,”実年”,etc.These are also need people continued efforts.

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In modern times, a number of new words is growing. There are some interesting popular words to share as below.











剩女     売れ残りの女性

博客     ブログ(blog)

微博     ミニブログ(mini-blog)

人肉搜索   個人情報検索

团购     共同購入

秒杀     タイムセール

闪婚     スピード婚

实名制    実名制

蜗居     カタツムリの住まい