Since the world has turned into a global village, translation services are in great demand across the globe. Business is globalized now and business person from different countries travel for expanding and targeting new market capacities or other commercial activities which make the commerce happen.

English is now considered to be the ‘International Language’ and most companies and businessperson prefer communicating in English. Nevertheless there are many places where people are still unable to speak English entirely and use their own language for written and spoken communication. This is where the role of translators come in.

Translators are linguists who specialize in different areas like finance, legal, business, technical or medical and they translate the documents or speeches into the desired language to make people understand the subject. People now hire translation agencies to re-write documents from one language to another, though there are many online tools available because these tools are not accurate and professional.

Before hiring any translation agency, it is very important to understand different types of translation services rendered by these agencies. Some of them specialize in one type and others may specialize in other types.

Here are some of the most common types of translation services:

Technical Translation Services

Technical translations are performed by those translators who are having technical knowledge and experience of that particular industry like science, engineering or finance, etc. Professionals of these domains usually have good work experience in that industry. Instruction manuals, product factsheets, and catalogues are some of the most requested documents.

Business Translation Services

Business Translation services are often required by companies who are dealing internationally with MNCs. Companies who are dealing with global market often require business documentations and they translate the same to understand the terms and conditions offered by the other party. Professional business translators should understand the legal and commercial implications of their work.

Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services are often related to laws and very often required for setting up business abroad or also in case of some legal process happening internationally. Professional legal translations usually include articles of association, licenses, contracts, and legal rulings, etc.

Website Translation Services

Website Translation Services enable companies to make their website compatible with people for different countries and localization across borders. Companies catering international market often go for website translation in those languages where they operate.

Official Translation

Official translations are legal documents such as driving licenses, visas, birth certificates, and diplomas.

Quick Translation Services

Quick Translation Services are usually carried out in a quick turnaround time like 24 hours or less.

All the above mentioned types of translation services are specialized to cater different personal and professional needs.

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