To make sure email marketing successfully, we need to understand what is opt-in email

Marketing and what i s rubbish email?

Opt-in email marketing

Opt-in email marketing is that the client asks you to send her email initially. Any email that is not required by the client is not opt-in email marketing and it is not recommended to read.

The most common way to require receiving emails is filling out the chart on the website and subscribing the electronic magazines. The website should state very clear that if the users fill out the chart, it means the users want the website to send emails to them and accept the user clause and privacy policy.

There are some risks to fill out the chart simply. We call it single opt-in. Nowadays, more and more email marketer tend to use double opt-in, which means that the user will receive a automatic confirmation email after filling out the email and the user email address has not entered the database yet. There is a confirmation link for email confirmation link. Only when the user click the lin and his email address will enter the database, hence the subscription process has been completed.

Since only the users themselves can see and click the confirmation link, it avoids that other people make some jokes, make some mistakes or even trap the competitors.

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Double opt-in is the most secure way of opt-in email marketing.

Rubbish email

Compared to opt-in email, it is the rubbish email. Nowadays, almost all email users receive more and more rubbish email, which has become already a harm to the Internet and other people”s energy and time. In some developed countries, sending rubbish emails has been regulated as an illegal thing. For instance, in California and Singapore, some companies even went into bankrupt because of sending rubbish emails.

Practically, there are two standards to verify rubbish emails: One is that the receiver does not have the initial request; The other is that the email is for business promotion. Of all emails, trying to sending emails for promotion are rubbish emails. For instance, if you visit some website or has some question for some site goods. Sending emails to the website masters, there are not rubbish emails. Though the website master do not require you to send emails to them initially.

There are another way to check whether it is rubbish email. Is the email sent to many people or sent to persons one by one? If the same email is sent to many people at the same time, the email is always rubbish email. If the email is sent to persons one by one, and the email content is different, this is not rubbish email. For example, the content is about business cooperation, which is generally not rubbish email.

There are also some law issues regarding sending rubbish emails. It also has some influence on the website and approaching the Internet. The receivers could complain to the USP and anti-rubbish organization. Most of the ISP and hosting provider have very strict rules about sending rubbishing emails. Once confirmed, they would take actions to stop the net account and approaching the Internet service.

In a word, sending rubbish email is not only an illegal thing but also an unmoral thing.

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