Nouns and Prepositions’ translation differ from English to Chinese. You can find some differences through the following examples.

Example 1. The kaleidoscope of shifting interests made it impossible sort out the “winners” and “losers”.

.Translation: 各国的利益变化不定,好像万花筒一样,这就使人难以分辨出究竟谁是“胜者”,谁是“输家”。

Example 2. What can easily be seen in his poems are his imagery and originality, power and range.

Translation: 他的诗形象生动,别具一格,而且气势磅礴,这是显而易见的。

Example 3. A conference of developing countries and richer industrialized states was held in Washington attempting to identify priorities for improving life among poor areas of the world.

Translation: 一些发展中国家和较富有的工业国家在华盛顿举行了会议,企图确定在改善世界贫穷地区人民生活中应当首先做哪些事情。

Example 4. Carelessness caused his failure in this year’s college entrance examination.

Translation: 由于粗心,他今年高考落榜。

Example 5 他只要听到几句恭维话就会得意忘形。

Translation: A little flattery would set him carried away.

Example 6 一星期没洗澡,一身臭汗。

Translation: I am smelling of seven-day-old sweat.

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Example 7 公费吃喝是群众反映强烈的不正之风之一。

Translation: Sumptuous banquets, financed by state money, have long been a bane on Chinese society.

Example 8 The man who is above his business may one day find his business above him.

Translation: 不屑于自己工作的人,终会有一天发现自己不配干那份工作。

Example 9 “we have had a lot of things on you”, the police officer said to the suspect.

Translation: 警官对犯罪嫌疑人说,“我们已经掌握了你大量的证据。”

Example 10 有人轻轻拍了我的肩膀。我放下正在批改的作业,抬头一看,原来是一个身材矮小的老太太,她满脸皱纹,慈祥地微笑着。

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Translation: Somebody trapped me on the shoulder and I looked up from the exercise books of my young pupils, which I was correcting, into the lined, kind and smiling face of a little old woman.

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