This is a unique phenomenon of medical translation. Some words are not medical terms, but when they are used in a medical article, meanings are different from the one we ordinarily use in daily life. For example

1) In all patients, orophryangeal amplitudes in the affected hemisphere were smaller than in the unaffected hemisphere.


Comment: The general meaning of “affected” is: 假装的, 做作的, 不自然的, 倾向于的, Here it should be translated as ”受累”, and “unaffected” is translated to ”非受累的”.

2) Fasting blood lactate concentration was 3. 8 mmol/L.
空腹血乳酸浓度为 3. 8mmol/ L 。

Comment: “fast” here should not be translated as ”快” but “空腹”, “禁食”.

3) Deposition of amyloid β-protein (Aβ) and neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs) are the neu2 ropathological hallmarks of Alzheimer disease (AD).

β 淀粉样蛋白沉积 (Aβ) 和神经元纤维缠结 (NFTs) 是阿尔采默病的病理学标志。

Comment: “hallmark” has the meaning of “标志” and “特点”. Here it should not be translated as “特点” but “标志” according to the medical expression

4) A high incidence of apolipoprotein Eε4 allele in middle2aged nondemented subjects with cerebral amyloidβprotein deposits.

伴有脑β淀粉样蛋白沉积的中年非痴呆患者其载脂蛋白 E(ApoE) 基因的 ε4 等位基因发 生率高。

“incidence” normally means “发病率”, “发生率” in medical field, but there is should be translated to “发生率”.

5) Showing no signs of brainstem motor dysfunction.


Comment: The common meaning of “sign” is 符号, 记号, 招牌 and 标记, etc, while it should be translated to “体征” to accommodate medical expression.

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6) The combinations of joint movements available make cycling possible.

Literal Translation: 关节联合运动可获得循环的可能。

Revised Translation: 关节联合运动可达到骑自行车的程度。

Comment: Here it would be more appropriate to translate “cycling” to “骑自行车”.

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