Successful sales persons always take full advantages of telephone marketing. Then how to make a successful call to your target customers? There should be some preparation which needs your special attentions.

1. Draw your potential customers’ attention.

The first factor for a successful phone call is to draw the target’s attention. Please kindly note that the receivers are not waiting for your call, instead, they are engaged in other things when you make the call. Therefore, your initial aim is to stop them from what they are doing and make them listen to you.

2. Introduce yourself.

“Hello, this is June from CCJK. How do you do?” it’s a typical self-instruction at the beginning of the call. Remember, this is very simple but important, especially the last sentence which shows your greetings to the customers. It will make the receivers believe that although this is a sales call, but the caller pay attention to him and show nice and sincere concerns, thus being willing to continue the call with you.

3. Explain the reason why you make a call.

There is a good example: I am calling because I sent you some instruction files about our company, and we offer financial service to big companies like yours. Use some words to make the receivers feel acceptable and friendly.

4. Ask your customers some questions.

The reason for asking questions is that you give the customer enough space for free talk and it helps them find their real needs or demands. Question may lead them to find they real desire and feel interested in your promotion.

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5. Get an opportunity for meeting.

This is very important for your success, for if you get the opportunity of meeting, it indicates that the target customers are more interested in your products or services than those who don’t want to have a meeting with you.

The above is what I think important when making a phone to your target customers for marketing purpose.

If you have any better ideas, please feel free to share with me.

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