As one of the six would-famous liquors, Chinese liquor is as well known as the other five-Rum, Brandy, Vodka, Gin, and Whisky. The making of liquor happened along with the plantation of various kinds of grain and crops, it could be traced back to Xia Dynasty-more than 4000 years from now. So Chinese alcoholic culture is almost as long as Chinese civilization.

According to historical records, it was Yi Di who made liquor first, she made the liquor with fermented glutinous rice. However liquor is carried forward by Du Kang who lived in the Xia Dynasty.

Du Kang stored some cooked Chinese sorghum in a tree hole in winter, and in spring of the next year peculiar scent came from the hole, and he found that it is the fermented Chinese sorghum. The serendipitous discovery became the origin of sorghum liquor. Nowadays, Chinese spirits are mostly made by sorghum. The name of Du Kang had become the presentation of Chinese liquor.

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In different kinds of Chinese liquors, Maotai is the first rank-highest grade. It is the choice for state reception, and always has been sent as the precious present to leaders from foreign countries. The wine is named as geographical name of Maotao Town, Guizhou province. According to historical records, Maotai was known early in Han Dynasty.

It is what to make Maotai so delicate and long aftertaste? I am afraid it is not only because of the wine-making technology, but also because of the subtropical climate, water and soil and special grain in such special natural environment and climate. These natural factors make Maotai unique and cannot be faked.

Apart from white spirits, rice wine is another kind of famous Chinese liquor. It is brewed from rice, wheat or millet, the alcohol concentration is less than 20%, which is much less than white spirits, it taste sweet, not as stimulated as white spirits, so rice spirits are more like alcoholic beverage, it is even appropriate for women and children.

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As the liquid is mostly yellow, so such wine can be also called “Yellow Wine”. Since it taste good, it is also known as “Liquid Cake”. The most famous rice wine is Huadiao. In ancient Shaoxing, once a family gave birth to a baby girl, they bury the wine underground and dig it out the day the girl gets married. The beautiful custom creates the beautiful rice wine.

The bouquet of Chinese liquor and the special taste make people immersed in alcohol easily, but for personal health and safety, the vice of drinking is not advocated.

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