With the rapid development of the translation industry, many translation agencies develop some on-line platform to deal with the translation projects, it is called post-editing.

It means that they run the source content through their translation memory and machine translation. Some of the strings are all machine translation and need essentially a rewrite whereas others are nearly matches of their memory and need only a light edit.

When you do the editing, there is contexual information in the source so you can see, if it reads “draft 0” it is mostly machine translation whereas if it reads “draft 85%” it is mostly correct.

For the first round of translation, because most of them are did by machine, so it requires the native translators to check the spellings, grammar, style, terminology errors to guarantee the quality, it is posted on platform, so it is called post-editing.

CCJK is a very famous translation company based in China and Hongkong, our linguists are native Chinese people who are very skilled in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, so our customer- one of famous translation agency in USA finds us, they want to cooperate with us in Chinese languages.

On-line post-editing projects are very interesting and it is so different, it has some unique features:

1) For each project, the price is fixed and could not be negotiated.

2) For each project, You wouldn’t be agreeing to do a set amount of words and it isn’t something that a group of people undertake together.

3) If you wanted to do some of this project, you would log in and start working, within the platform.

4) You would do as much or as little as you wanted at any time until the project is finished. This is a one-pass project. So one person logs in and does post-editing and then they log out when they like.

5) Each translator works on their own and gets paid on their own via PayPal, without submitting the invoice when the job is finished.

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CCJK solution for post-editing projects
Post-editing projects are not the same as our ordinary projects, it requests much higher quality because it is one-pass project, in order to create a win-win situation, we arrange the very skilled translators to deal with different fields such as financial, business and so on.

In their platform, when they have new projects matches our language skills, they will notify us promptly, we can log in and start translating any time. Very flexible!

Founded in 2000 and born for Internet, CCJK is a highly trusted professional e-Services company supported by more than 2,000 talented linguists, engineers, designers and programmers who work as a super organized team. From language translation, desktop publishing, graphic design, software localization, website development, SEO, user guide to corporate eLearning, we provide one stop solution to help client gain competitive edge. We rely on streamlined and sophisticated process to ensure fast and quality delivery. By trusting CCJK’s one stop solution, you need only focus on your core business, win market share and maximize your profit in simplest and soonest way. If you have any translation inquiries, please feel free to contact [email protected]

CCJK services portfolio:

  • Document translation
  • Website localization
  • Software/mobile app localization
  • E-learning courses: development & adaptation
  • Voiceovers & subtitling
  • Language interpretation

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