5、the irregular inflexion with “ㅅ”: when the verb, the last syllable of whose stem is “ㅅ” is used before a vowel, “ㅅ” will be dropped from the word.

For example: 짓다:짓+어요→지어요
+을 겁니다→지을 겁니다
this kind of words are like: 짓다,낫다,젓다,붓다

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For example:

1)새 집을 짓고 있습니다.집을 다 지으면 곧 이사할 겁니다. We are building a new house, after building the house, we will life in it.

2)—감기가 낫지 않습니다. The cold has not get better.

——병원에 가면 곧 나올 겁니다. Go to see a doctor, it will be helpful.

3)—커피에 설탕을 넣고 잘 저어 주세요. Put some sugar in your coffee, and stir it.
—지금 젓지 말고 조금 후에 저으세요. Don’t stir it now, do that later.

4)—계란 냄비에 뜨거운 물을 붓고 3분만 기다리세요. Please wait for three mins, after you put hot water into the pan, in which there are eggs.
—이 컵라면은 뜨거운 물만 부으면 됩니다. It is OK with hot water in this bowl noodle.

5)—배가 고파요.빨리 밥을 주세요. I’m hungry, give me something to eat.
—지금 곧 밥을 지어 줄게요.조금만 기다리세요. Please wait for a moment, I’m going to take prepare for making a meal for you now.

6)—어떤 머리 모양을 좋아하세요? What kind of hair style do you like?
—나한테는 파마 머리 보다는 커트 머리가 더 나은 것 같아요. For me, I think it’s better to have a short hair than a curly hair.

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