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The energy sector of any country relies on the discovery of energy minerals, either renewable or nonrenewable. Either way, a company requires to accommodate the information collected over the years in multi-languages to improve its research method and grow the trade.  

CCJK understands the significance of energy resources for economic growth and pays special attention to detail to deliver flawless energy translation services. With the help of native experts, the project can be interpreted and translated. Players in the energy industry have to deal with internationalization also, therefore the team of expert translators handles the technical aspects of translation of the drilling and mining projects as well.

Documents We Translate

  • Safety manuals
  • Technical specifications
  • Training materials
  • User guides
  • Contracts and site agreements
  • Deviation reports
  • Toxicology reports

Energy Terminology

Regardless of the size of the project, our team of expert linguists makes sure to deliver the content in a fast turnaround time. Documents containing the records are handled confidentially, the use of translation tools ensures an accurate translation, and proofreading becomes easier. CCJK’S network of experts ensures that translation costs come right under the budget. Moreover, with their expertise and knowledge, the right use of terminologies enhances the efficiency of the translation as well.

Over the decade, our team of expert translators has provided energy translation services for oil, gas, mining, and other renewable energy resources as well.

Energy Translation Services Articles


Energy projects are time taking, regardless of the scrutiny associated with the energy industry, we guarantee to deliver translated documents in fast turnaround time.
To ensure the content development of concepts and terms, our linguists are well associated with the upgraded translation tools. Proofreading is part of the translation projects as well.
The cost of an energy translation project depends on the nature of the content, word count, and language pair. So there is no fixed cost.
CCJK follows a rigorous system, the cloud storage is highly secured and the online portals strictly adhere to the policy that guarantees that all documents are safe and sound.
A multilingual project will help you boost your company's sales and attract more clients to your business. Therefore, you can also optimize the online presence with the help of a multilingual website.

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